DJ Software Skins | SB2 DEX 3 Skin Has A Red 5.2 Throwback Feel

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It all started in 1998 with the Digital 1200sl; PCDJ’s first dual-deck mp3 DJ software with pre-fade listening – a major accomplishment for the time.   The successor to the Digital 1200sl was PCDJ RED 5.2, which for many early adopters of Digital DJ technology was their first foray into the DJ software realm.

RED 5.2 was the game changer, and the first DJ mixing software product that supported DJ controllers (such as the Numark DMC-1, the first commercially sold DJ controller).  The design and GUI layout was simplistic, yet quite powerful — certainly for the era as the feature set already surpassed most high-end dual-deck CD decks.


SB2 DEX 3 “Throw Back PCDJ RED 5.2” Skin (1600×900 or 16:9)

Harry Thomas of HMT3 Designs created the SB2 DEX 3 DJ software skin based on the original look and feel of PCDJ RED 5.2, but with all the on-screen controls to take advantage of DEX 3’s much more robust feature set.

We think this skin is a great fit for DJs that prefer using a mouse and keyboard over one of the 75 supported DJ controllers.  Harry has included pretty much the full gamut of buttons and sliders, along with tabs for video, sampler and browser.   The approach to the browser tab is unique and not found in any other DEX 3 skins submitted so far.  The browser tab includes all your automix and shuffle controls, as well as color coding options for your track library.

We’re sure some of the old-school digital jocks that started with RED 5.2 will want to give this skin a download as well, if not for nostalgia’s sake alone.

Unzip ALL Skin Files To Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Skins 

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