Setting And Triggering Hot Cues In DEX 3 DJ Software

A standard feature included within DJ mixing software today is the ability to set and trigger hot cues.  DEX 3 allows you to set hot cues with either a supported DJ Controller, or with a keyboard and mouse.

What are hot cues?

Hot Cues are essentially markers along a track you can instantly trigger (play from).  If you want to start a track at a mix in point that isn’t at the beginning of the tune, you can then do this by first setting the hot cue point by pressing a hot cue button on the DEX 3 skin with a mouse, or press one of the hot cue buttons on your supported DJ controller.  If you then click to trigger that same corresponding cue point button, either with mouse or DJ controller, the track will drop in at that point instantly.   Cue points are essential for DJs who like to mix and remix tracks on-the-fly.

DEX 3’s default skin includes 8 cue point positions for setting cues, for each track.  Cue points are stored in the DEX 3 database so when you load a track you’ve previously set cue points on they will populate again.   You will see “flag” markers along the timeline waveform in DEX 3 to indicate the position the cue was set, along with the corresponding cue number (1-8).

Jumping between cue points in DEX 3 is instant and you can get really creative using them – make your on beat, or completely re-arrange the tracks timeline.

Watch How To Set and Trigger Cue Points in PCDJ DEX 3