DJ Software Skins | Download New “SB” 16:9 DEX 3 Skin

DEX 3 users are starting to get the hang of using our free DJ software skin designer software — skin submissions are trickling in weekly.

This new “SB” DEX 3 skin submitted by Harry Thomas of HTM3 Designs comes in day and nighttime varieties with a clear goal of trying to fit all of the important feature controls on the main display — no layers necessary.  Harry did an admirable job of making this work, without the GUI becoming too cluttered.

The “SB” DEX 3 DJ software skin is designed for 16:9 ratio displays and features larger buttons for most transport controls as well as easy to find/use key stepper buttons that users that host karaoke with DEX 3 should benefit from.  The Effects and Sampler buttons will swap out the EQ section in the middle mixer control area for the subsequent functions.  Also included are video previews for deck A and B and a main video display preview.

This downloadable skin will likely be appreciated most by DJs using a keyboard and mouse to operate DEX 3, as the larger buttons and ‘everything-on-one-screen‘ design lends itself nicely to clicking away with a mouse pointer.  And remember, you can always use LEARN in DEX 3 to map any on-screen feature to any keyboard command you wish.


Unzip ALL Skin Files To Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Skins 

Here’s How To Load and Use Skins With DEX 3