DJ Software: RED Mobile 3 Preview

Our DJ software designed for Mobile DJs and DJs seeking an easy-to-use mixing software solution is about to receive a platform makeover.

RED Mobile 3, a free upgrade for RED Mobile 2 customers, will be released in the coming week — and just like DEX 3 it’s essentially a brand new product built on a new core.  It’s the foundation for the next 5+ years of RED Mobile 3 (and beyond) updates.  Since it’s built on DEX 3.3 (the latest update) RED Mobile 3 will be a polished road-ready release.

The thing RED Mobile 2 customers will notice right away is the new browser.  It’s a lot more robust, and will handle over 1 million tracks.  Search improvements, album art and a new Sidelist (real-time, always visible waitlist – oh yeah!) are just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a general overview of what’s new in RED Mobile 3:

Core Upgrades:

  • 64bit MAC support, and 64bit optimization for Windows 7/8/8.1 (Windows 10 will also be supported)
  • Many performance upgrades, more responsive than ever before.

Browser Upgrades:

  • The database is no longer a simple list (as in RED Mobile 2) — all tracks browsed in the software are inserted into the database and they be instantly searched/used later (basically, open up a folder through explorer or finder, or from favorites, and the contents of that directory will be added to the search cache automatically)
  • Album artwork in lists/explorer/finder
  • Track tags are always displayed in the browser (even when browsing directories in explorer or finder)
  • All-New “Side List” or Request List – double click, drag and drop, or click enter on your keyboard to send track to always-visible side list (which can be used for manual playback or Auto-Mix)
  • Touch-friendly mode, and “list mode” for excel spread sheet style
  • New Sidelist will double as a basic singers list for karaoke

Graphics Engine Updates:

  • Transparency on graphics is supported throughout the skin
  • Controls over/inside other controls, z-order, non-standard shapes, masking, etc are now possible
  • Retina support for the latest MAC’s
  • Dynamic re-size the skin (to fit displays our skins don’t natively support)
  • Sound display rendering greatly improved (RMS waveform + rhythm waveform overlapped)
  • Sound display (including waveform) blinks when the track is close to the end (<30 seconds left)
  • New Setting to enable/disable resetting of pitch after auto-mix

DJ Controllers Engine Upgraded:

  • The level of depth and layered support for DJ controllers using our RED Mobile 3 DJ software is better than ever.

We’ll email RED Mobile 2 customers as soon as the new FREE update is ready for download!