DJ Software Quick Tip – Importing Your DEX 3 Database Into Excel

The questions are coming in rapid-fire, and we’re kicking out new DEX 3 video demonstrations as fast as we can to keep up with demand.   

Since our DEX 3 DJ program is not only designed to mix music and music video, but to also host karaoke, we’ve been asked many times how to create a songbook from DEX 3’s database file.  Well here you go, and it’s a piece of cake.

DEX 2 DJ Software


In this quick-tip video demonstration we show you how to open up the DEX 3 database file into Microsoft Excel 2013 (other spread sheet applications, including the free app that comes with the Open Office suite from Apache, should work well.  Although I can’t vouch if it’s as easy as it is in our video demonstration regarding automatic formatting).  From Excel you can save, print or even upload to a remote request service so your patrons can view your songbook online and make requests from any internet enabled device.

DJ Software Quick Tip Video – Importing The DEX 3 Database File Into Excel 2013