DJ Software | A Release Candidate Of DEX 3.8 Is Ready For Download

Download and try the release candidate of DEX 3.8 below

We’re excited to bring you a brand new edition of our top DJ mixing software solution, version 3.8 of DEX 3!

Version 3.8 of DEX 3 has been in the making for a few months now and is a major update, in every sense of the phrase, to our leading DJ and video mixing software product. With 3.8 RC2 we not only popped the hood and tinkered with some of the software’s core elements, such as the A/V engine, we also introduced additional features that are certain to improve your performances and mix sets.

DEX 3.8 includes a re-engineered BPM Sync algorithm that locks tracks in sync significantly better than ever before. Focus on other aspects of your mix and let DEX 3.8 keep your tracks in-sync. The free update (and public beta at the time of this post) for existing DEX 3 users also includes new waveform’s with three distinct color layers for easier visual detection of frequencies, instant loading of tracks to decks (after initial analyzation), an ‘always-on-top’ secondary video display, on-skin access for text, image and video overlays (2-deck skin only), new daytime skins, support for three new DJ controllers, and more.

DEX 3.8 is a major update to our best-selling DJ mixing software for today’s versatile ‘do-it-all’ DJ. Since 3.8 includes so much new we’ve released DEX 3.8 as a test release first. It is however considered a release candidate so we suggest you download it and take it for a test spin right away. It will install directly over-top your existing version of DEX 3, and all your data (lists, settings, etc) will remain fully intact.

In the event you wish to roll back to the prior release of DEX 3 you can find it on the DEX 3 support page here


  • Always-in-sync (sync-lock/beat-lock) – press Sync once and the song will stay in-sync with the master deck
  • Steady-rhythm BPM detection mode (for sync-lock) – works best for songs with perfect tempo (eg. electronic music)
  • Colored waveform’s (3 distinct layers so you can clearly see the rhythm and RMS/global levels)
  • Once you’ve analyzed a track (either by loading it or by using the batch Analyze/all feature) it will load instantly thereafter
  • 3 new Daytime skins (and tweaks for the Nighttime skins)
  • 3 new controllers supported: Denon MC7000, Hercules P32 DJ, Reloop Mixon 4
  • You can open ‘Edit Overlays’ window + switch between overlays from the skin itself (available in the 2-decks Nighttime/Daytime skins) (make sure you save/copy your overlays to ‘Documents/PCDJ-DEX3/Overlays’ if you want them to show up in the drop-down list)
  • Added spinner/text to see background tasks status (eg. how many items are still to be processed by ‘Analyze all’)
  • You can now minimize the main window (on your own display or switch to a different app while the secondary video window will remain visible)
  • Fixed crash when scanning bad/corrupt mp3s
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

Skin Actions Update:

For people who design or edit skins we have added the following skin actions (see the skins included in the app for examples):

  • Added button actions: ‘show_video_overlays’, ‘enable_video_overlays’, ‘deck_cfassign_left’, ‘deck_cfassign_thru’, ‘deck_cfassign_right’ (to assign a deck to the crossfader)
  • Added drop-down actions: ‘dropdown_video_overlay’
  • Added text actions: ‘background_tasks_remaining’
  • Added image actions: ‘img_background_tasks_spinner’
  • Removed text actions: ‘status_background_processing’ – please replace with ‘background_tasks_remaining’ in all your skins

Controller Scripting Update:

For controller scripts (mappings) we have added the following:

  • Actions to assign a deck to the crossfader (to the left side, right side or simply skip the crossfader (THRU)): ‘deckCFAssignToLeft’, ‘deckCFAssignToThru’, ‘deckCFAssignToRight, ‘deckSetCFAssign’ (input values for ‘deckSetCFAssign’: 0 (left), 1 (THRU), 2 (right))
  • Notifications: global: recording; per-deck: cuepos11 .. cuepos16, looppos1 .. looppos8, fxCutoffLP, fxCutoffHP, fxBitCrusher, fxTremolo


Have questions about our top DJ mixing software and any of the new features including with version 3.8? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi Keith, that simply means you need to go into options in DEX 3, under the “audio routing” tab, and select your correct audio device for output under the “Select Audio Device” drop down menu. Then you can play songs when they are loaded!

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