DJ Software | Public Beta DEX 3.12 is Available – Now with Karaoke.net Store!

New in DEX 3.12 Karaoke Song Store

Public Beta DEX 3.12 is ready for download and includes a new built-in karaoke song store for on-the-fly a la carte purchases. 

DEX 3.12 is a public beta, which means we’ve tested it thoroughly in house — now it’s your turn to take it for a test spin.

The big addition to DEX 3 version 3.12 is the Karaoke.net Karaoke Store; Browse, Search, and Purchase karaoke song on-the-fly from within the DEX 3 browser. Purchase karaoke tracks a la carte or add tracks to the built-in shopping cart and checkout all at once. Purchased tracks are immediately downloaded and added to the new “Purchases” sub-tab located under the Karaoke.net tab within the browser pane so you can add them to singer rotation and play them straight away. All songs are yours to keep, and are downloaded directly to your hard drive in either Zipped MP3+G or MP4 (HD) format.

Subscribers to the Party Tyme Karaoke subscription already have access to the same karaoke tracks included in the Karaoke.net store. The new Karaoke.net store will greatly appeal to karaoke hosts with their own karaoke music collections that need to purchase karaoke song requests on-the-fly at events.

Since version 3.12 is considered a ‘Public Beta‘ you will want to test thoroughly before going live at your next event. With that said, our team has tested the new release extensively and found the new store to work as designed. If you happen to run into any issues please join the Official PCDJ User Group and report the problems there directly.  If you need to roll back to the prior public release you can do so from the DEX 3 support page.

New, Changed, or Fixed in DEX 3 Version 3.12

  • New built-in Karaoke.net karaoke song store for in-app on-the-fly purchasing
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Installation Instructions: With your existing version of DEX 3 (Pro) closed, download and install version 3.12 If you experience any issues running the new public beta please report your findings in the Official PCDJ User Group.


Have questions about our top DJ mixing software or the new features included in version 3.12? Please leave them in the comments section below!


4 replies
  1. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Keep up the great work! If I could ask you, would please put a disable Karaoke.net disable box, (your newest service), in the Karaoke section of options like you did for Party Tyme. Your loyal dj/vj users would appreciate it as we are just not into Karaoke would be much appreciated.
    Thanks so Much,
    Dj Tammy

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks, Tammy. We will likely add a disable Karaoke.net option, just not certain whether that option will be in the initial 3.12 release or a future update.

  2. Vj Marko
    Vj Marko says:

    Ryan, I see the new version of Dex3 has a newly added Karaoke.net added in the browser. We have our browser perfect and this is right in the middle of it. Were only audio/video. Could you add a disable function like before for Party Time. I’m rolling back to 3.10 temporarily and hope it goes ok.
    In the Update boxes you have 2 Dex3 3.12 x64. I’m assuming 1 ox should be x86. Thanks, Marko

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Yes, we plan to add an option to disable the Karaoke.net store tab from the navigation pane in the browser. It may come in the next public release however, and not the public release of v3.12.0.1. If you’re going to roll back your version for now, make sure you’re rolling back to — not all the way back to 3.10. That’s a fairly old version at this point. You can always find/download the public release of DEX 3 from the DEX 3 support page HERE. Thanks for the heads up on the ’64bit’ etc!

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