DJ Software – PCDJ DEX 3 Effects And Loop Grid Video Demonstration

Our plan is to launch a release candidate public pre-release of our much anticipate PCDJ DEX 3 DJ mixing software in the next few days.  In the meantime, we’re keeping the teaser videos coming with this demonstration of the new Beat and Loop grid included in the new default 4-deck skin.

If you haven’t taken note, DEX 3 is an all-new platform upgrade for our flagship DJ mixing software DEX 2.   It’s been in the works for the last year, and boasts a new audio engine, effects engine, graphics engine and video mixing engine. The only core component carrying over from DEX 2 is our custom (and fantastic sounding) audio engine.   This upgrade (FREE for current DEX 2 DJ software owners) is the foundation for our next 5+ years of development – so after DEX 3 launches our users can expect many more updates throughout the coarse of this year and beyond.

In this short video we showcase the new effects grid that is a focal point of the new audio tab.  The “virtual LED’s” provide you with a visual reference point to quickly ascertain what effects are applied per deck, and if that deck is in a loop or not.  In the video we show you how this works with a mouse, but the grid works equally well if you’re using any of the supported DJ controllers.


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  1. Andrew Mansfield
    Andrew Mansfield says:

    Dear Ryan
    you have been promising PCDJ DEX 3 for several months now, this I find very sad, especially since atomix productions have released Virtual DJ 8 beta, which I am assuming will soon become the final release candidate. I am looking forward to the release of DEX 3. hopefully soon, maybe even before Christmas.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi Andrew, I understand your concern, but we haven’t promised anything regarding a release date. Our approach is simply we’ll release it when it’s ready. We’ll never rush a release for sake of “speed to market” – but rather wait until we feel it’s road-ready. It’s a complete re-write of DEX, from the core out. The only thing carried over from DEX 2 is the audio engine. We’ve managed to build a new product in about 12 months, which in terms of a complex application like this that’s pretty fantastic. I wrote a blog post about this very subject recently, maybe it will help explain our position on “launch dates”:

      Bottom line, our goal is to make sure you have worry free gigging from day one. It looks like our release candidate will indeed post next week providing we don’t find any issues. Please check back soon!

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