DJ Software | Next Feature Coming To DEX 3 (Teaser)

Not much of a ‘tease’ is it?

Text To Screen and Show Logo Teaser DEX 3

Can you make out what’s coming to the next DEX 3 update in the image above? 

I’d rather appease than tease as the screen capture above should make pretty clear. Obvious maybe, but it’s all in the options. Overlay away — on the way…

DEX 3 is DJ and video mixing software, and the latter is receiving additional development attention in recent weeks, further strengthening a loaded music video mixing feature-set.

We’ve discussed text-to-screen and overlays (‘show logo’) in previous blog articles and based on the responses we’ve recieved it’s clear: You really want, no NEED, these new features to take your video mixing sessions to new heights.

We wouldn’t let you down, and something tells me (hint, hint ^) you’ll really enjoy the next free update to DEX 3.

#MixEverything with DEX 3