DJ Software | New Karaoke Key Control Feature’s Found in DEX

DEX 3.11 is here and it’s our best DJ software release ever. It’s also the most complete solution for the do-it-all entertainer — whether you’re mixing audio, music videos, or hosting karaoke you’ve got the features you need, without compromise.

One of the new karaoke features found in DEX 3 version is the ability to add key changes to tracks when they are added to the singer rotation list. Key changes are also then recorded in singer/song history, and can be accessed and used in any future karaoke hosting session.

How it Works

From a list or from search results, drag-and-drop a karaoke track into the singer rotation list or double-click to send it there immediately. When the singer entry dialog box pops up you’ll find a new ‘Song Key Adjust‘ menu, along with up and down arrows that change the track key. Steps are adjusted in semitones, and based on what you’ve selected for key steps increments under the general tab in DEX 3’s options. Steps can be made in 1/4, 1/2, or full semitone increments.

Pre adjust key on karaoke songs

You will then see the key adjust number in rotation next to the track’s title. (IE: If you adjust three 1/2 semitone steps you’d see ‘+1.50’ next to the song title in the rotation list). Use the ‘Load Singer‘ button to load and play the top karaoke track from the singer rotation list and the key adjustment will be applied in the deck/player automatically.

After 20 seconds of continuous playback, the singer, song, and key change are recorded in the history list. You can access the history list by clicking on ‘History‘ under the ‘Special Lists‘ section of the file browser. The last played/recorded singer entry will be located at the very bottom of the list. Search for a singer by typing in the search box (while in the history list) ‘S:singername‘ (no spaces) to bring up the singer. You will see the song title next to the singer name. If you double-click the singer/song or drag and drop it to rotation directly the singer, song, and recalled key setting will display once again in the rotation list, ready to be reused.

With this new addition there’s no question that DEX 3 has THE most robust set of karaoke specific features found in any DJ or do-it-all entertainment software product. Enjoy!


Have questions about the karaoke features and key control settings found in DEX 3.11?  Please leave them in the comments section below and someone will respond promptly!