DJ Software | New DEX 3 Version is Ready for Download!

Version of our best DJ software, DEX 3 (Pro), is ready for download!

Much like the last two prior DEX 3 updates version centers around karaoke functionality; we’ve fine tuned existing karaoke features and adding a couple additional and much requested items.

Karaoke Hosts can now adjust the filler music player volume independently of the master volume. We find many karaoke hosts like to set filler music levels lower than when a singer is signing and this can now be accomplished.

Multiplex karaoke files are now supported, allowing you to adjust the level or mute the background vocal on multiplex karaoke songs.

Also included is a new setting that will keep singers in rotation, in order, even when they do not have songs in their personal queue.

DEX includes two additional karaoke-specific skins that were brought over from LYRX, our standalone karaoke hosting software for MAC.  They are useful for karaoke-only events as only the karaoke-specific features are available via the software’s interface, making it that much easier to navigate.

DEX is a free update for DEX 3 customers and can be downloaded below. Simply download/install the update with your existing version closed for a seamless patch directly over-top.

What’s New, Changed, and Updated in DEX

  • New setting: keep singers in rotation, even without songs
  • You can adjust the filler music player volume control independent of the karaoke player volume
  • Multiplex karaoke file support (mute/unmute background vocal for multiplex CDG files); usually in these multiplex karaoke files the left channel is instruments-only and the right channel is instruments+voice; to use this feature you need to use/select the karaoke skins (LYRX or LYRX12);
  • Custom video background (image or video) is now always displayed (even when there are no singers in the karaoke rotation list)
  • Included new karaoke-only LYRX skins (2 variations)
  • Several improvements to Hercules DJ controllers mappings/scripts
  • Fixed bug related to setting Samplers’ volume
  • Fixed some zip file issues
  • New skin actions: “filler_player_volume”, “master_mode”, “master_mode_text”, “master_karaoke_mode”, “master_karaoke_mode_text”
  • New script actions: “setFillerVolume”, “setMasterMode”, “setMasterKarMode”

Install Instructions: With your existing version of DEX 3 closed, download and install version It will seamlessly patch over-top, leaving all your existing data intact. 


Have questions about our best DJ software or what’s new in version  Please leave them in the comments section below!