Download New DEX 3 Skin With Full Width Waveforms

You should download this new DEX 3 skin submitted by our boy DJ Vargas if you love BIG beautiful waveform’s and use a DJ controller — it’s wave-tastic.

The new 2-deck skin is one of our favorite user submitted skins for DEX 3 so far, created with our free skin designer software.  The ‘DJ Controller‘ skin (named that since there are very few on-screen controls, with the focus being the waveform’s and effects on/off notifications, perfect for DJ controller users) will fit almost any resolution up to 1920 x 1080.   The skin also features smaller text for the browser navigation pane, making it easier to see deeper into your directory structure without scrolling.

In addition to the above, you have controls for waveform zoom (in/out), album art displays on each deck, and beat lights for easy visual reference when beat mixing.   We also like DJ Vargas’s color choices; the blue and orange colors mesh well together and the skin appears professional.

If you’re a DJ that loves big stacked waveforms that lend themselves nicely to visual mixing, with the ability to see quite a few “beats into the future”, this skin’s for you.