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How To Download And Install New DJ Software Skins

By using a custom DJ software skin for DEX 3 you can dramatically change the overall look and feel of the software, even change, edit or add functionality not present in the default skin included with the installation.  Through GUI customization you can make DEX 3 your own.

Our free skin designer software simplifies the skin mapping process with visual tools; just create your design in a graphic design application such as Photoshop or Illustrator with up and down button states and drop into the skin designer to map images to features supported by DEX 3.

Since DEX 3’s initial launch 4 months ago we’ve have a few skin submissions from customers, including this new skin for DEX 3 that’s heavy on waveform’s and lite on on-screen controls – perfect for DJ using one of the 70 supported DJ controllers.   A few customers have asked us to create a tutorial on how to download, extract and access the skins through DEX 3 — the video below will walk you through the process.

You can click HERE to search PCDJ.com for all current available skins for starters, and click HERE if you’d like to take a stab at creating your own custom skin for DEX 3.

Watch How To Download Skins And Apply Them With PCDJ DEX 3

 Screen Shots Of Currently Available DEX 3 Skins