DJ Software Feature Spotlight – MIDI Learn

Our DJ software applications, DEX 2 and RED Mobile 2 (as well as the upcoming version 3 upgrades) already natively support over 60 popular DJ Controllers from all the top manufacturers.  

DJ MIDI Controllers with built-in support are "zero-configure"; simply have the controller plugged into your computer and turned on and either of our DJ mixing software applications with find the controller on startup and intialize it.   The only manual configuration necessary is selecting how you want the audio output setup under the audio tab in options.

That's great if your DJ controller (or MIDI controller) is one of the 60 directly supported DJ controllers, but what if your shiney new controller isn't yet supported?    

We add support for new DJ controllers all the time, but with the popular DJ equipment manufacturers such as Numark and Pioneer releasing fresh controller designs at break-neck speeds, we can't always write support immediately.  Enter in our exclusive and unique "MIDI Learn" feature…MIDIlearn-DJsoftware-DEX

"MIDI Learn" provides our DJ software customers the ability to visually map any DJ controller using MIDI communication and/or map any keyboard key to any on-screen function.  The feature has been designed so that anyone can do it very easily without learning to program or edit scripts.   It's an excellent option for those that have DJ MIDI Controllers we don't yet natively support, but "MIDI Learn" does have some limitations.  

For instance, most DJ controllers with Platters/Jog Wheels are not created equal.   Per revolution of a controller platter or jog wheel each device will send different signals at various intervals — so in most cases proper and advanced platter/jog wheel support needs to be done with our development team in-house. 

However, any button, slider or knob found on-screen in our PCDJ DEX 2 or RED Mobile 2 DJ software platforms can be mapped easily and seamlessly with buttons, sliders or knobs on the MIDI controller (or to keyboard shortcuts).

Here is a video tutorial on how to use our "MIDI Learn" feature with our DJ Mixing Software:

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