DJ Software: Download The DEX 3.3 Update Now

We just dropped PCDJ DEX 3.3, a free update to the do-it-all DJ program that let’s you #MixEverything

Our plan is to launch new updates to our flagship DEX 3 mixing software every 30-45 days, which will include both maintenance (performance improvements) and new features.  The 3.3 release of DEX 3 includes a few notable changes and updates – highlighted by “Multi-Track Selection” (Making it easier than every to create and manage playlists), a new on-screen clock, various new video effects and transitions and a slew of new keyboard shortcuts.

DEX 3.3 is now available for download, here’s what’s new and improved:

  • Added multi-track selection (work for/with: drag&drop tracks (to sidelist or to browser lists), remove tracks, analyse tracks, color/highlight tracks, send to sidelist, etc)
    * you can use the <mouse + Shift> or <mouse + Cmd/Ctrl> keys
    * you can use the keyboard (eg. <Shift + Up/Down> arrow keys)
  • Added 5 new video transitions: Blur, Pixelate, Blinds, Swipe H, Swipe V (The Swipe transitions are Star Wars inspired – yes we’re geeks are heart! )
  • Added setting to Preferences: “Search in the middle of words” (eg. to allow you to find “bcd” in “abcde”)
  • Added clock (time) in the included skins
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts:
    * <Enter> adds all inserted tracks in the current list to the sidelist
    * <Cmd/Ctrl + A> inserts/clears all tracks in the list
    * <Insert> inserts the current track selected in the list
    * <Cmd/Ctrl + Up/Down arrow keys> drags/moves the current selected track up or down
    * <Cmd/Ctrl + PageUp/PageDown> or <Cmd/Ctrl + Home/End> drags/moves the current selected track to top/bottom of the list
  • Fixed crash when loading huge iTunes libraries
  • Fixed crash: tap/edit BPM from controllers
  • Fixed: for skins designers: vertical sound-displays (waveforms) work ok now
  • Other small fixes and improvements
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  1. The Musicman Johnny E.
    The Musicman Johnny E. says:

    Hey Kudo’s to the creator of this never version.
    I am very happy with it as I am able to navigate around and find everything encluding my favorites and special file folders in a snap.
    This version handles my 1 & 2 hour mixes as well as a couple of my personal 3 hour mix specials. AWSUM – OUTSTANDING.. I am totally excited about his version.
    If you have not tried it yet then you have no idea on what your missing out on.

  2. Yoandys Perez
    Yoandys Perez says:

    Hi, it would be SUPER CONVENIENT if your DJ software could load music from the Cloud services (Different Cloud Services such as:, /, and many others.) I think is an Excellent feature that nobody has explored yet. Sometimes you’re in a party or somewhere mixing the music and you have all your music in the cloud like a hard-disk but online, and you can mix it from there. Doing this you will have a lot of sells with your software. This featuere is missing in the music industry as well as Video industry too. Think about it. But not just think it… Do it.


    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      It’s a nice thought and idea, and we’ll continue to discuss it here at PCDJ. The issue for many will be internet access and reliability, but it’s likely the natural progression of things regardless. We are already looking at releasing a steaming/download/tethering option this year, one designed for DJs and commercial use specifically. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Albert Griffin
    Albert Griffin says:

    On your side list can it be made to clear individual tracks once they have been loaded to play rather than clearing the whole list which you might have lined up to play.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Albert, the files do “grey out” if you manually load from the side list – but we’re going to add a setting to remove tracks on manual load, too!

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