DJ Software: Download New DEX 3.2 Skin With Vertical Waveforms

Skin Designer and PCDJ aficionado DJ Vargas has planted himself behind Photoshop once again and created another brilliant DEX 3 DJ Mixing Software Skin for our community. 

DJ Vargas, AKA Emiliano Vargas, is a pro DJ from Sweden with knack for design.  Here’s one of his previous DEX 3 Denon DJ skin submissions.   His new high-resolution 4-deck “Vertical Wave” DEX 3 skin submission includes 4 vertical waveform’s representing each independent deck, which lends itself nicely to both beat-mixing and scratching.  If you like to utilize all 4 DJ decks when you mix you’ll want to download and try the new skin.

Emiliano created the new DEX 3 DJ software skin utilizing our latest edition of our free PCDJ skin designer software.  The latest DEX 3.2 updated graphics engine supports user-created skins utilizing our new and improved “PCDJ Skin Designer.” This allows DEX 3 users to change the entire look and feel of the GUI (graphical user interface).

Unzip Skin Files (Both Files) To Documents -> PCDJ-DEX3 -> Skins