DJ Software | Download Update For DEX 3 (Pro) or DEX 3 RE

DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE DJ Software updates

Version for both DEX 3 (Pro) and DEX 3 RE is now available for download.  

Version is a mainly a maintenance release, which means PCDJ development spent a little extra time in the bat cave over the last couple of weeks tinkering with code to ensure better overall performance and stability. While that may not be jump-up-off-the-couch exciting, what it does mean is a better DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE experience for you!

We have added the recently released map files for the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4, DDJ-SR2, and DDJ-SB3 (no need to download the map/script separately) — these three Pioneer DJ controllers are now natively (plug-and-play) supported by DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE.

Due to popular request we’ve included a setting in version to use the old style sync feature (minus beat-lock).

A couple reported bugs were also squashed, including an issue with certain karaoke zip files and an issue on exiting the application that would cause a crash for some users.

You will want to download and install the v3.10.0.4 free DEX 3/DEX 3 RE update straight away for a more polished mixing experience. If you’re a DEX 3 LE user (free DJ software) than version is also available.  Simply re-download using the free trial form and install with your version closed for a seamless update.

What’s New, Changed, and Fixed in DEX 3/DEX 3 RE v3.10.0.4

  • Added new setting “Use sync-lock when possible”; if you disable it you get the old Sync functionality
  • New DJ controllers added (plug-and-play support): Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4, Pioneer DDJ-SR2, Pioneer DDJ-SB3
  • Fixed deck getting “stuck” (playing only silence) after loading a bad karaoke zip file (eg. the files inside with different names)
  • Fix a crash that would occur only on exiting DEX 3/DEX 3 RE
  • Changed automatic karaoke filler music player functionality so there’s no pause/silence at all before it kicks in (DEX 3 only)
  • Various under-the-hood performance improvements and small bug fixes


Installation Note: Download and install the update from the product support page. Install with your version closed for a seamless patch right over-top (all your data/lists/settings will remain intact)


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  1. David
    David says:

    I love dex 3 pro, I’ve been using Dex since 2010! From customer support to the design of the program I give an absolute 10 hands down. The only issues I have came across is dex freezing once in awhile in the middle of a show. The other problem I encounter once in awhile is everything could be smooth then all the sudden I start hearing a crackling sound coming from the speakers in the song, the first time this happened I had no clue what was going on, all I knew is that it was not coming from the speakers or cords because when the song ended the crackling & static stopped. As soon as the next song came on it would start up again & it gets real bad even the song tempo starts to speed up. I closed out of the sec program reopened it & would play the exact same song, from the exact same file & it was back to normal sounded crystal clear & no static, no crackling. I use windows software with Intel 7 a $1300 laptop.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks David, although we didn’t hear about crashing like that in the prior release, we’ll be curious to know if you have a similar issue with the new build. It also sounds like you’re using your on-board sound card in your laptop and not a pro audio USB device (or DJ Controller with one built in). You will receive better performance (lower latency control), stability, and have the added benefit of headphone pre-fade listening by using a pro audio interface such as the Scarlett 2i4 from Focusrite (or any number of the 100+ supported DJ Controllers with audio interfaces built in). If you must use your built in laptop sound card try using the “WASAPI” option instead of the default option – you will see this from the ‘select audio device’ drop down menu in options. It’s a raw connection (basically) to the audio interface and eliminates additional software/filters that are always in place with built in sound card – which add latency and can impact performance (Using WASAPI will eliminate the static sound you were hearing from time to time).

      • David
        David says:

        Thanks Ryan! I do not use a controller, I run audio card from laptop to a 1/4 inch – 3.5mm audio jack to a Yamaha mg12xu mixer. I do have the option to run sound through usb to the mixer but i don’t. I will tryout the wasapi method. Thanks again!

        • Ryan Sherr
          Ryan Sherr says:

          Sounds good! However, you do not need a DJ controller to use a pro audio USB interface with DEX 3. The Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 is a great option and you have 2 stereo outputs (so you can cue up and preview tracks in your headphones before sending live). Plus, you would use ASIO drivers, which are very low latency and provide optimal performance for DEX 3. Just another option if WASAPI doesn’t cut it!

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