DJ Software: DEX 3.3 DJ Controller Audio Interface Configuration

DEX 3.3 now works with over 70 different DJ controllers, but there are only two configurations you need to know for built-in Audio Interfaces.

First off, it’s mind boggling how quickly the top DJ equipment manufacturers (Numark, Pioneer, Denon DJ, Reloop, Hercules DJ, Gemini DJ etc) spit out new and improved DJ controllers.   It seems just 3-4 years ago you’d see 5 or so new controllers from top brands over two years, now it’s at least that every year.  For a DJ software designer like ourselves it’s tough to keep up – as in order to create really good support for a DJ controller (native support) we need the controller in our possession. It’s not uncommon for us to have 5+ controllers on our “DJ Controller Mapper” guy’s desk.

We’ll continue to add support as new DJ controllers hit the streets, but as progressive and feature packed DJ controllers have become there are still only 2 ways to configure your controller’s audio interface for use with PCDJ DEX 3.3.  This depends on the following controller attributes:

  • Digital Mixers (DJ Controllers with built in mixers that do the mixing internally/digitally)
  • Analog Mixers (DJ Controllers with built in mixers that work/function just like a standard physical DJ mixer)
Video: This Is How To Configure Your DJ Controller Audio Interface With PCDJ DEX 3.3