DJ Software | DEX 3 Public Beta Version Now Available!

A new public beta of DEX 3, our top DJ mixing software, is now available for download (below)!

To say development has been putting in a little extra time in the batcave over the last few weeks would be a massive understatement. We just launched DEX 3 version to the public on Monday and here we go with a brand new public beta with a couple of new and highly-requested features — one of which has been a long time coming!

Version (finally?) introduces the ability to re-order your manually created users lists (playlists) by drag-and-drop, or you can use alphanumeric sorting by simply right-clicking on any user list. Also included is exporting lists as CSV or M3U (playlist) files. This means DJs and karaoke hosts can create karaoke song books or song lists with very little time and editing.

As is always the case, version includes a few minor bug fixes and under-the-hood performance improvements.

Since version is considered a ‘Public Beta‘ you will want to test thoroughly before going live. With that said, our staff  has been mixing music and video with version (very loudly, I might add – we’re trying work here! 🤨) for the last few days without issue. If you happen to run into any issues please join the Official PCDJ User Group and report the problems there directly.  If you need to roll back to the prior public release you can do so from the DEX 3 support page.

New, Changed, or Fixed in DEX 3 Version

  • Reorder user lists (playlists) in the browser by dragging them with the mouse
  • Alphanumeric sorting of the user lists in the browser (right-click on a list for the option)
  • Export lists as CSV / M3U (right-click on the list contents for the
    option) – eg. you can use this to export a karaoke book in CSV format that you can process/edit and then print
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Installation Instructions: With your existing version of DEX 3 Pro closed, download and install version If you experience any issues running the new public beta please report your findings in the Official PCDJ User Group.


Have questions about our top DJ mixing software or the new features included in version Please leave them in the comments section below!