DJ Software | Download DEX 3.7 Public Beta With Text, Image And Video Overlay

Download DEX 3 Video Mixing Software Public Beta 3.7.0

DEX 3.7.0 public beta is ready to download for both Mac and Windows and includes new text, image and video overlay capabilities.

Adding to DEX 3’s innovative set of video mixing tools is the brand-spanking-new Text, Image and Video Overlay feature accessible under the ‘Video’ tab in options.

VDJ’s can create in-depth custom multi-layer overlays that can be used on screen while playing audio, video or karaoke tracks. Custom backgrounds can also be used behind karaoke MP3+G files.

This is a much anticipated and requested feature update for DEX 3 and while testing in-house has gone as well as expected we could use your feedback. You can find the download towards the bottom of this post.

Here are the key highlights of this major update to DEX 3.7 (Public Beta 1)

  1. A complete refactored Karaoke Singers List: DJs and VDJs can now add a custom background (an image or a video) for the Karaoke Singers List. Access this new feature from Preferences -> Video tab.
  2. Video Graphics Overlays: At the moment the new overlay features must be accessed under Preferences (Options) -> Video Tab -> Video Overlays (Button).
    Note: We plan to add a button directly on the skin at some point in the near future.DEX 3 users can add images, text and video to screen on top of the other items. (Image Examples: logo, a picture of a person(s)/birthday, you can add videos — yes, videos!). All items (text, image and video overlays) can be moved on the screen: DJs can rotate, set each items size and can also adjust the font, color, opacity, etc.This adds a lot of flexibility to the video output screen. DEX 3 users can also make “batches” of items that can be saved and loaded while in the mix.
  3. Pulselocker can be disabled (removed) from the browser: self explanatory.

All Changes Included In DEX 3.7.0 (Public Beta)

  • Video Graphics Overlays (add custom text, images, videos to the video screen.  “show logo” on screen)
  • Custom background (image or video) for Karaoke Singers List
  • “Disable Pulselocker” setting
  • Completely reimplemented Karaoke Singers List
  • New skin/scripting actions: “show_video_overlays” skin action, “videoOverlays” MIDI/skin scripting
  • Several bugs squashed
How-To Use The New Text, Image And Video Overlays Feature In DEX 3

Have questions about our video mixing software?  Please leave them in the comments section below!



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    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Bryan,

      Karaoki already has the ability to set a background image behind the ‘next singers’ screen, and you have the news ticker for messages. Karaoki isn’t a native ‘video player’ like DEX 3, so the new text/image/video overlays are not going to be included in Karaoki (although similar features may indeed be added to Karaoki later – likely after a native video playback engine is ready).

  1. Steve Canfield
    Steve Canfield says:

    is the ticker available now in Dex?
    We discussed this nearly 2 years ago and you said it would be added “soon” to DEX… have tried to wait patiently while you worked out bugs and added other features that I do not need…
    You’ve had my money for about 2 years… but it seems my input or needs are not important…

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Steve, I may be misunderstanding your needs, but you can use the new text, image and video overlay feature to show text anywhere on screen you wish? That’s what the DEX 3.7 update is all about – the new text/image/video overlays.

      I suppose it’s not technically a traditional ‘news ticker’ but you have much more control and multi-layer support with the new overlays. You can show your logo, show text anywhere on screen, choose opacity/position/colors and fonts. You can create and save (and cue up later) as many overlays you want. Build and save. Lots of flexibility there!

  2. Leroy Soutar
    Leroy Soutar says:

    Hi guys,

    Lot of work still to be done with the text feature. It’s fine for people who aren’t running video all the time, or only load pre-constructed overlays, but if you are running video and want to show text or create an overlay on teh fly, it’s on screen all the time you are creating it. Not good. I know that I can get around the text overlay by selecting the image overlay button, then changing it back to text after I’ve composed my message, but that’s just clumsy. You need to add a display overlay button to overlay when you are ready to display, or at the very least, get rid of the ‘new item’ text that shows the second that you click the + button.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Leroy!

      Yes, the overlay builder right now is designed to create overlays in pre-production – so you can then load them live (not build them on the fly – although possible). We have already discussed a kind of “sandbox mode” where you can choose to not display anything you’re building in real-time on the mixed video output until you click a button (aka ‘send live’ or the like). So we agree for real-time creation this would be a great addition. The good news is that’s not a “lot of work” to solve that problem for you!

  3. Brandon Waynick Jr
    Brandon Waynick Jr says:

    Hey Ryan,
    Very satisfied with Dex 3 since buying back in the day. The upgrades and bug fixes continue to improve and we appreciate it. It takes time to create and trouble shoot new options for DJ / KJ pros. There are other programs out there but our money is on PCDJ Dex 3.

    DJ “Bone”
    Stars And Stripes Entertainment LLC
    Mt. Clemens, MI 48043

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Brandon! We’re happy to hear you’re a DEX 3 fan – and we’ll continue to work on all the new and wonderful toys in the PCDJ lab!

  4. John white
    John white says:

    Hi Ryan
    Would it be possibly to have the text scroll left or right and possibly up or down ?
    Also have the images or videos transition to the screen using effects similar to the music video transition effects ?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi John, yes, we plan to allow you to animate the text (scroll or otherwise). You can now create as many layers as you wish, with as many video clips on top of each other as you want, too. I’m not sure transition effects etc would be applicable to the text/image/video overlays however.

      • John White
        John White says:

        When you’re running the overlays can we get it to continue to run in the background when you start a video or karaoke from either deck.
        and I got the transition effects I was asking about using a slideshow program.

        • Ryan Sherr
          Ryan Sherr says:

          John, I may be confused by your comment – but overlays will continue to run no matter what type of file format you play – audio/video/karaoke. They will overlay on top of the video if you’re mixing video. Let me know!

          Slide show and slide show transitions are coming soon, too 🙂

          • John white
            John white says:

            I’ve been play with some and the overlays are running on top of my videos unless I go into options and change the opacity..then have to go back in and change opacity back.Even with that you can’t fade the overlay out enough to get a quality music video. The radio/toggle button would be a help to turn off the overlays while playing a video or changing the overlay content on the fly. But it would be much more convenient if you could reverse the video and overlay priority..

          • Ryan Sherr
            Ryan Sherr says:

            Thanks John. When we (I) think overlays for music videos – I wouldn’t considering putting something over the entire video, but rather a logo in the bottom left, or text across the bottom or top etc. The full screen overlays I would want to show without opacity – or very slight opacity to see some movement behind the overlay.

            We are adding an on/off button to the skin, as well as a drop down menu to select the overlay (from saved overlays) you want to display.

            The feature-set for the overlay capabilities will grow – we plan to add a lot more functionality, such as animated (*scrolling) text.

  5. Xavier, The X-Man, Gomez
    Xavier, The X-Man, Gomez says:

    Just wondering if you are going to implement the Separate Singer’s Window. It was a great feature in Dex 2 that is now longer there. This way, If we have singer’s, their songs don’t get lost in the shuffle. Just Wondered.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Xavier, we do not plan to incorporate the floating window again for the singers list – for a few reasons. However, what we do plan to add is the ability to set any playlist as your ‘filler music’ for automated playback between karaoke tracks/sets. That way you can use the sidelist for JUST karaoke!

  6. John white
    John white says:

    Is there a software normal volume setting that maintains a constant volume between songs in dex 3. There is such a setting in Windows media player but it doesn’t seem to apply to dex 3.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello John,

      Yes indeed! Go into options in DEX 3 and under the general tab put a tick in the box for “use perceptual automatic gain”. This setting adjust gain levels based on how the human ear detects loudness – a fairly complicated algorithm. It will work well to normalize your output!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      That’s an odd error I’ve never actually seen before. I googled it and it seems to have to have do with a PNG image file – so I’m wondering if your machine is having an issue loading the skin. Are you using the default skin, or another skin?

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