DJ Software | DEX 3.6 (Beta 4) Is Available For Download

DEX 3.6 Video Mixing Software Beta 4
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New DEX 3.6 (Public Beta 4) DJ Software version for MAC and Windows is ready for download.

Continuing the series of rapid-fire DEX 3.6 beta updates over the course of the last 4 weeks, with a notable progression of performance improvements and tweaks to freshly added features, DEX 3.6 beta 4 is ready for download!

In this latest version of our best DJ and Video Mixing software for live performance we’ve put the kibosh to a handful of issues, including a problem loading/playing certain WMA/WMA Pro files with corrupt data (DEX 3.6 now has ‘error handling’ for bad frames causing the loading issue), and have included two new functions.

DEX 3.6 has been equipped with a new ‘video link’ feature, enabling VDJ’s to link a directory of video files to audio tracks. When you plan an audio file with ‘video link’ enabled DEX 3.6 will automatically select videos from the selected directory to play. Video link has received overall performance improvements, but new in DEX 3.6 beta 4 is the ability to ‘loop small videos’.

If you plan to utilize short visualization video clips or stock video footage that aren’t long enough to play for the entire duration of the playing audio track you will welcome the new ‘loop small videos’ feature – as DEX 3 will now automatically loop any video clips shorter than the duration of the playing audio track.

Also new in DEX 3.6 beta 4 is the ability to record your video mix set on Windows directly to MP4 (this ability has already been available in the MAC version of DEX 3 for some time).

Here’s What’s New And Changed In DEX 3.6 Beta 4

3.6.0 beta 4 (both Mac/Windows).
Changes since beta 3: 

  • Loop small videos (if you link a video clip that is smaller than the audio track, the video gets looped)
  • Fixed loading of corrupted (but recoverable) tracks like certain WMA files (eg. wmapro with bad frames)
  • Fixed video recording, you can now record in MP4 on Windows too (better overall video recording quality)
  • Various small performance improvements

NOTE: DEX 3.6 is a BETA! Please be sure to test thoroughly before using during a live performance. You can roll back to the public 3.5.7 release by re-installing from the DEX 3 support page HERE



If you have any questions or problems running the DEX 3.6 DJ and Video Mixing Software beta version please post to the DEX 3 user forum.