DEX 3.6.1 Public Beta Available For Download

Download DEX 3.6.1 DJ Software

DEX 3.6.1 DJ software maintenance release is available for download.

Often the most extensive and coveted software improvements are not always apparent at first blush but are reflected in overall performance — things just feel better.

With DEX 3.6.1 (Public Beta at time of post) we popped the hood and tinkered with some of the most core components, including the audio engine. The goal with the DEX 3.6.1 maintenance release was to improve performance and stability. While we’re confident we’ve accomplished both of those items it’s our protocol to release a public beta for a round of public field-testing before tagging an update as a full-release. Now’s your chance to download DEX 3.6.1 and take it for a test-spin!

As always, DEX 3.6.1 for mixing music, music videos and karaoke is free for existing customers – simply download and install with your existing version of DEX 3 closed and the software will be updated automatically.

NOTE: Since version 3.6.1 is a public beta and DJ software is designed for live performance we strongly recommend testing the maintenance release thoroughly before DJing live.

Here’s What’s New And Changed In DEX 3.6.1:

  • Lots of internal rewriting/refactoring
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Performance optimizations

Have questions about DEX 3.6.1 DJ, video mixing and karaoke software? Please leave them in the comments section below!

2 replies
  1. Matt Alexander
    Matt Alexander says:

    When are we gonna be able write Tex over screens was told first of the year now over half way through the year still nothing .
    Not gonna get rit of other programmes for yours completely unto we see this done little bit of a let down
    must be to hard basket .

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Matt, good question – text-to-screen and slideshow are being worked on for the next public release of DEX 3. We have indeed had this about 85% complete for some time, but had to shelve completion due to other priorities. Pulselocker being one of them, and the update is a major foundation upgrade that has been designed to thread resources more efficiently. The maintenance release is in prep for more features in short, so they work without problem.

      Hope to have the text-to-screen and slideshow ready in about 1 month, possibly less.

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