DJ Software: DEX 3.2 Preview

Our DEX 3 DJ software targets professional DJs that mix all types of media; audio, music videos and karaoke.   The launch of the all-new version 3 platform, and foundation for our next 10 years of development, was only a short month ago.

We’ve had a a number of free updates since, with the next 3.2 update due before the end of the month (which will also include the new RED M0bile 3 update, bringing it’s core technology up to par with DEX 3), a nice “happy holiday’s” from our PCDJ team.

Normally, we don’t post much info on new releases before their release date, but there are a couple impactful changes we couldn’t help but share.  One particular upgrade will have an underlying persuasion on overall performance and resource management – true Windows 64bit support (the previous DEX 3.2 release introduced 64bit support on OSX).

64bit support boils down to better utilizing memory and resources available on 64bit Windows machines, for instance the browser and search cache will easily handle 1,000,000 files – audio, video and karaoke.   This is up about 80% from what the existing browser has been designed to handle.   It was a bit of a surprise to find many of our mobile DJ customers taking out 200,000+ audio, video and karaoke files combined — but I suppose it makes sense when you’re trying to have any potential request at your fingertips.   DEX 3.2 will handle whatever you can throw at the browser, it will be PCDJ’s most robust file management system to date.

Here’s an overview of what is already set to launch in DEX 3.2, although we may add and/or tweak a few things pre-release.   Yes, you’ll be able to record your video mix sets, and direct X 11 support will improve all core video mixing capabilities:

  • Video mix recording
  • 64bit Windows 7 and 8/8.1 support
  • Windows: changed the graphics rendering system to DirectX 11
  • Optimizations to allow for up to one million tracks in the database and the search cache (works on any Mac; 64-bit Windows with 4GB of RAM or more is recommended)
  • Fixed bug: reading tags/album artwork from files/folders with non-standard Latin characters (accents, etc)
  • Fixed crash on Mac when switching between Audio/Video skins a few users experienced
  • Updated SkinDesigner with new attributes for playlist and wheel controls
  • Several performance improvements and bug fixes

As always, we’ll email DEX 3 customers when the update has been published for download.  Keep checking the blog for addition information and tutorials regarding new features.