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Version of DEX 3, our best DJ program for the versatile DJ, is ready for download!

Considered an interim release, DEX now includes the recently updated LYRX (our new karaoke software) skins along with improvements that include the ability to swiftly search singers names from the default search box. You’ll find a new “S” button in the search box that when toggled on, will search for and locate singers and their song history.

As of this time the “S” search function is only available within the included LYRX and LYRX 12 skins (accessible under options -> general -> “select user interface” drop down menu).

Improvements have also been made to the key stepping engine, providing better precision and consistency.

Our development team is working on a few significant upgrades to DEX 3 at this time. We will email DEX 3 customers when the next update is available.

Download DEX below and install with your existing version closed to update now. As always, version is a free update for DEX 3 customers.

What’s New, Changed and Updated in DEX

  • LYRX Skins: Added a little “S” toggle button next to the search box – when it’s toggled ON it only searches singer history (no matter the list you’re in)
  • LYRX skins: Added Key stepper buttons (vs old slider method)
  • LYRX skins: Added tempo control
  • LYRX Skins: Added position slider for the background music / filler player
  • Added automix time setting for the background music / filler player
  • Better consistency / precision for key changes
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

DEX Install Instructions: With your existing version of DEX 3 closed, download and install version The free update will seamlessly patch over-top you’re existing DEX 3 version, leaving all your existing data and activation intact. 


The following video showcases the new features found in the upgraded built-in LYRX skins, including with DEX


Have questions about our Best DJ Program and how the new karaoke software features?  Please leave them in the comments section below!

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