DJ Software Demo Video – Recording Your Mix with PCDJ DEX 3

DEX 3 is our most versatile DJ mixing software that mixes everything – music, music videos and karaoke.

In the video tutorial below I demonstrate how to easily record your mix with DEX 3 to a WAV file.   From there, you can burn off a “Mix Tape” disc or upload to a service like Sound Cloud or Mix Cloud to share socially.

Note: Recording your DJ mix with DEX 3 works when utilizing the built in on-screen virtual dj mixer, or with DJ controllers that do the mixing internally.

Many of the all-in-one DJ controllers today have built-in DJ mixers that work just like a traditional physical DJ mixers:  In this case PCDJ DEX 3 routes player A through 1/2, and player B through 3/4 of the mixer.   You will not be able to record your mix with DEX 3 using this type of setup, as the software doesn’t “know” what you’re doing with the mixer externally (meaning, doesn’t know the position of the crossfader for instance, or any other control).      Some DJ controllers, such as the Numark Mixtrack Pro II, do the mixing digitally – internally – even though they include a DJ mixer as well.    You can record your mix with a DJ controller that does the mixing internally/digitally since you’ll have a separate “main channel” (1/2) and the headphone cue will be on 3/4 exclusively.   DEX 3 will record the main “mixed output” only.