DJ Software Demo Video – Nesting Folders As Favorites (Importing Music)

Our DEX 3 DJ Software hit the streets a little over 3 weeks with a bang, it’s been a big hit so far and we have our loyal users to thank.    

Over the last 16 years we’ve prided ourselves on keeping our ear to the ground.  Users can interact with our developers and R&D team using various means – our message forum, our ticking system and calling in to speak with myself.  Emails get sent in, and they get answered.  If a feature update or change is suggested and it keeps within the scope of our product vision we’ll do our best to implement it in a free update.

DEX 3 Advanced Media Browser

The “Add to Favorites” feature is nothing totally new.  A similar method of importing folders was included in both the early FX, Blue and Red VRM software products – and more recently PCDJ VJ.   It allows you to quickly nest folders from your hard drive (or any connected external hard drive) as “Favorites”.   It keeps your directory structure, no matter how many subdirectories deep.  If you keep your music, music videos and karaoke tunes organized on your hard drive, this feature allows you to utilize that structure within the PCDJ DEX 3 browser.   After all, if you took the time to organize your directories why would you want to do it again in your DJ Software?

Using favorites has another major benefit in comparison to lists – they’re dynamic.  If you add music to one of the folders on your drive that’s been “Favorited” than upon accessing the folder again in DEX 3 you will automatically see the freshly added tunes.   This means you only have to concern yourself with keeping your music directories ship shape, and DEX 3 will be a direct reflection of that.