DJ Software Quick Tip: Creating Playlists From History

How to create a playlist or sidelist from a specific gig’s history

One of the updated features in both of our DJ mixing software platforms is date and time stamped history.   Many users of RED Mobile 3 and DEX 3 have asked:

“If I have a gig where the dance floor was bouncing all night, how can I re-use the same list of music I programmed throughout the event?”

The history list in DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 is a running log – a list of all tracks you’ve played in the software to date.   When you click on the history list under special lists you’ll see that all songs now have a date and time stamp.  You can see what tracks you played on a specific date, and in what order and time of day/night.  By using the new multi-track selection you can select a date range and send to a created user list, or add to the sidelist/automix list for real-time use.

The combination of the new date and time stamped history list, and the ability to select all tracks from a specific date makes re-using a gig’s history easy.

Watch: How To Generate Playlists From History In RED Mobile 3 or DEX 3

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