DJ Software | Beat-Matching During Auto-Mix Demonstration (Video)

Beat-Matching During Auto-mix demo video

Video demonstration of the ‘Beat-Matching During Auto-Mix” feature found in DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE.

Most DJs are aware of DEX 3’s capability to seamlessly transition from track-to-track by engaging ‘Auto-Mix‘ – but a lesser known feature is DEX 3’s ability to also automatically beat-match (BPM Sync) the in’s and out’s of tracks while in Auto-Mix mode.

Simply tick off the box under the general tab in options: ‘Beat-Matching when Auto-Mix‘ and line up your track queue in the sidelist/auto-mix list and engage Auto-Mix.  The suggestion here for quality, seamless beat-matched auto-mix is to make sure tracks are within a similar BPM range; Plus or minus 16% would be the max. Having music of a similar genre and/or key makes for a better beat synced auto-mix as well.  Additionally, some light programming may be in order, such as making sure the tracks blend well in general and setting your in and out cue positions.

While ‘Beat-Matching when Auto-Mix‘ is a great trustworthy tool for those times you need to step away from the decks, or for back-ground music –we’re not suggesting it as a replacement for hands-on beat synced transitions.

Watch Video Demo Of ‘Beat-Matching When Auto-Mix’

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