DJ Software Tip: How To Backup And Restore Your DEX 3 Database

Let’s take a look at how to make a backup of your DEX 3 database, and restore it if required.

The new playlists creation features, side-list and ability to nest folders as favorites provides a very robust library platform for DEX 3 DJ software users.   However, setting up the browser/library in DEX 3 to your perfect configuration may take you some time and effort — and making a backup of your DEX 3 database will ensure in case of an issue with your DJ computer or other problem you’ll be able to restore it back to your previously saved state easily.

The database XML file for DEX 3 contains all your user lists (and database list), history, cue point/waveform data as well as the search cache — so needless to say it’s important.   In the database folder for DEX 3 you also have you “favorites.xml” file and column settings information, so you want to back that up too.   The best bet is to backup the entire DATABASE Folder in your Documents (Windows) or Docs (MAC) folder to another location on your machine, and restore from there if necessary.

Watch how to make a backup of your DEX 3 database and restore it if required