DJ Software | Download Update For DEX 3, DEX 3 RE and DEX 3 LE

Download DEX 3 DJ Software Version

Version (Public Release) for all versions of DEX 3 DJ software is available for download. 

First off, a big thanks goes out to our DEX 3 user community for all the help testing and reporting back on previous public beta and release candidate versions. With your assistance we were able to find some relatively obscure bugs that have now been eradicated.

The release of DEX 3 (Pro Edition: Mix audio, music videos and host karaoke), DEX 3 RE (Red Edition: Precision 2-deck music mixing) and DEX 3 LE (Free DJ Software) is all about performance optimization and stability. While not the sexiest on paper it’s likely one of the most important updates for the platform launched to date.

Our code ninja’s have created a stronger foundation to build on additional features that are already waiting in the wings, including a couple highly-requested items that will launch with our next public update. You will notice overall better performance — will seem more nimble and responsive overall as it makes better use of resource threading.

You will see in the updates and changes listed below for all of our DJ software editions the word ‘refactoring‘ — which is the process of restructuring existing code without changing its external behavior. So while the behavior of features hasn’t been changed the code below is optimized.

When it comes to live performance DJ mixing software there is nothing more important than rock-solid stability. Whether your mixing music videos with DEX 3 in the club, creating on-the-fly mashups with DEX 3 RE at a reception or spinning for your friends with our free DJ software DEX 3 LE you can do so with the utmost confidence.

We highly suggest existing users update their existing DEX 3 version to by downloading the update from the corresponding button below. Simply install with your previous version closed and your version will be automatically upgraded to

What’s New, Changed And Fixed In

  • Lots of internal rewriting/refactoring for overall better performance and stability
  • Fixed crash when right click and drag in the playlist/sidelist
  • Fixed bug with 2-decks skin (mixer controls disabled in some cases)
  • Fixed crash when loading certain tracks
  • Fixed crash when using search (related to certain album art files that caused the crash when displayed in search results)
  • Fixed bug with a Windows system file being picked up inadvertently, causing a crash for some.
  • Many optimizations




7 replies
  1. Mike Perron
    Mike Perron says:

    Update button not display
    Only free trial button…
    Something wrong, i think….
    Have a nice day

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Mike, that’s actually correct. You simply install the free trial over-top your existing version to update. All versions are “trials” (minus DEX 3 LE, which is Free DJ software) before you activate them. Thus if you already have a previous version installed and activated the free trial will overwrite it and update it to the latest – no need to re-activate.

  2. fania06
    fania06 says:

    Si el pitch lo bajo o lo subo funciona bien, pero cuando el automix carga la siguiente cancion el pitch se restablece y no mantiene el pitch que yo le configure….esto no me gusta….. no mantiene el pitch se restablece siempre a condiciones de fabrica…..todo el programa estabien , pero espero me puedan ayudar con esya situacion tengo pcdj dex 3 actualizado. y aun asi no funciona la opcion “Rset after automix” no funciona este parametro…..

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Así que estoy clara (y disculpen mi uso de traductor Google!) – Desea que el fader de pitch permanezca en la última posición de cada canción se carga? Así que si se mueve hasta el 8%, por cada canción cargada durante la mezcla automática después de que ellos también jugarán en el + 8%? Curioso pero ¿por qué, estás en lo correcto. Parece desmarcando ‘reset lanzamiento de la carga “aún restablecer el terreno de juego de la carga. Acabo de desarrollo informado de ello por lo que podemos conseguir que un parche lo antes posible!

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Alex, I haven’t heard of that particular error, but please make sure your existing version of DEX 3 (which ever version you run) is closed when installing the update. And, make sure you launch the application from one of these shortcuts: DEX 3, DEX 3 RE, DEX 3 LE. Do NOT attempt to launch the application with a shortcut that has a “PCDJ” in front of it. Those are older shortcuts before we changed the shortcut names.

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