DJ Parody Video: A Young DJ Struggles To Make It At Skrillex Academy

“Where you pressing, or where you pushing?!?”

OK, so it seems the in-thing right now to dump on DJs — every other week it seems a new DJ parody video eats up my Facebook timeline.    But like any being confident in their craft, you have to find most of the videos splendidly hilarious (never take yourself too seriously).   If DJs weren’t so mainstream today than various comedy groups wouldn’t spend so much effort trying to parody the unfortunate, albeit sometimes spot-on, stereotypes.

This video had me rolling.  If features a young DJ trying to make it at the “Skrillex Academy” and pretty much nails all the usual comedic conventions.  You almost feel bad for the guy, but as many of us know it’s no easy task becoming a big room DJ like Skrillex – see if this poor chap has what it takes to make it in the video below.

A young DJ struggles to make it at Skrillex Academy. Push yourself beyond the dopeness: