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Last week we introduced DEX with a slathering of new features and performance improvements, along with a brand new Windows 64bit version. We’ve spent the last week polishing a few rough edges and had some extra time to include a highly-requested bonus feature with…

Each browser pane (navigation pane (left), track list pane (middle), and sidelist pane (right)) can now be re-sized ala drag-and-drop. Simply place your mouse cursor between each section for a ‘double-arrow’ icon, then drag left or right to resize the pane to your liking.

We’ve also put the kabash to a few bugs and improved performance of a few existing features such as ‘High-Quality Time Stretching’.  A couple crash-related issues have been completely resolved to ensure your Holiday parties and events can be DJing with supreme confidence.

DEX 3 is our best DJ mixing software for today’s versatile DJ. We thank all that have participated in testing the new Windows 64bit version. It’s ready for prime time in part due to your testing and reporting!


All DEX 3 updates are free for existing DEX 3 customers and will install directly over-top your existing version, leaving all your playlists and settings intact.

64BIT VERSION NOTE: If you installed a previous 64bit release of DEX 3 for Windows please un-install first before installing the update.  Your settings/lists/history and activation will all remain intact!

New, Changed And Updated In DEX

  • Added resizing of browser and lists panes (works with all DEX 3 default skins))
  • New controller added: Numark NS6II (no need to download/install the map separably)
  • Fixed crash when using High-quality Time Stretching (and small quality
  • Skins: added actions: img_splitter_browser, img_splitter_list; added “issplitter” attribute to image (boolean)
  • Small bug fixes and performance improvements

NOTE: With your existing version of DEX 3 closed, download and install version to update now


Have questions about our best DJ mixing software and the new features found in DEX  Please leave them in the comments section below!


6 replies
  1. Ralf
    Ralf says:

    Ryan, New 64 Bit Update Running Great, nice. Used it all last night and had no issues. Every must uninstall 32 bit and then reinstall 64 bit as you HAVE posted. Great job to you and the development team, thumbs up.

  2. Craig
    Craig says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Just wondering if the tag editor highlight track colors can be edited/changed their color? You may have had a video on this at one time but I can’t find it.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Craig, do you mean the blue outline that’s around the selected/highlighted track? It should be possible in the XML file for the skin you’re using. The XML files are notated in a way that should be easy for you to figure out which color code to edit for this. Just open up the XML file in notepad for the skin you’re using (the default skin are in the DEX3 program folder) and see if you can locate the color code to edit.

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