DJ Mixing Software Review – DJ DEX Mixing App For Your iPad

DJ DEX – The DJ Mixing App, is a full-featured DJ mixing software application for the iPad.  PCDJ has designed and innovated highly-competitive DJ mixing software solutions for the last 14 years, so it was a natural progression to bring a version of our popular DJ software to the iOS.

Just like the early years for PCDJ and our first DJ mixing software product (the Digital 1200sl), many DJs meet tablets with a certain level of trepidation.  "No one will DJ with one of those" — sounds all too familiar for those of us who were at the forefront of the digital DJ mixing software technology revolution.   This perception has rightfully been changing swiftly, with many DJ mixing software companies now in the mix with their own DJ mixing apps available on the app store.  As iPads and tablets become more powerful, so does the DJ mixing software and the capabilities. 

DJ DEX essentially turns your iPad into veritable DJ mixing software solution that rivals features including in many top DJ mixing software applications on the market today.  Automatic BPM Sync, interactive beat-grid based waveform mixing, pitch/tempo control, scratching, quantized seamless looping, effects and more are available now – with free updates released all the time. Additionally, you can use DJ DEX with a few DJ controllers (many more DJ controllers to be supported in an upcoming update).  DJ DEX also supports mono split output, so you can even monitor each deck in your headphones just like a more traditional DJ mixing software setup. 

DJ Mixing Software for the iPad

It's also a steal at only $4.99, half the price (or more) than some of the other DJ mixing software solutions available in the iTunes App Store.   However, we have a major update on the way with a slew of new features, so DJ DEX may indeed increase in price in the near future.   The good news is, all updates are FREE for our DJ mixing software app!

Here's a great review of DJ DEX – The DJ Mixing App, by DigitalDJTips.com  

You can find DJ DEX – The DJ Mixing App for the iPad in the iTunes App Store HERE for only $4.99 (for a limited time) 


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