DJ Software | DEX 3.8 Release Candidate 2 Is Now Available For Download

Download DEX 3.8 release candidate 2

Release candidate 2 of DEX 3.8 is ready for download!

On Monday we released a RC1 of DEX 3.8 along with a list of all things new, changed and fixed. Since then, we’ve received your reports and a tremendous amount of feedback.

We got to hand it to DEX 3 DJs; you were able to search out a few bugs that we have now destroyed. Our customers are as dedicated to making DEX 3 the best DJ mixing software on earth as we are, and we truly appreciate your efforts!

An official release candidate of DEX 3.8 (RC2) can be downloaded below. We invite all DJs to take our most complete and polished version of DEX 3 for a test spin now.

Be sure to test drive the new ‘always in sync‘ beat-lock engine and all other new and improved functionality. If you haven’t already viewed the entire change log please be sure to visit this page.

Here’s What’s New, Changed And Fixed In DEX 3.8 RC2 (Since Monday’s Release)

  • Fixed ASIO bug (crash when accessing certain ASIO drivers is fixed)
  • Fixed waveform’s zoom bug
  • Fixed musical key displaying (Musical key didn’t always display when loading a track)
  • Fixed various beat-sync lock issues
  • Performance optimizations

In the event you wish to roll back to the prior release of DEX 3 you can find it on the DEX 3 support page here



Have questions about our best DJ mixing software, DEX 3.8? Please leave them in the comments section below!

9 replies
  1. Jan
    Jan says:

    why can i not get this upgrade to fill my screen it is cutting the bottom strip in half….none of the previous versions did this…

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Jan, the skin and how it operates hasn’t been changed in DEX 3.8 from prior releases (other than an edit to the 2-deck skins, but only for on-screen immediate access to saved overlays). What happens if you double-click a blank section of the very top bar of DEX 3, does it then maximize completely to fit within the confines of your screen? Minimum resolution for DEX 3 is 1366×768, as well.

        • Ryan Sherr
          Ryan Sherr says:

          What is your screen resolution? It almost sounds like you’d have to be using a 4:3 ratio display if it’s not automatically filling your display. Please take a screen shot and email it into pcdjsales AT pcdj dot com so we can take a look!

          • Jan
            Jan says:

            Hi there again…i think i got it…one more question for you…is there any way to delete overlays in the video overlay box besides having to clear the whole list…i’d like to delete one or two but not all of them…thanks again for the help and the video overly on/off button on the dex3 home screen is totally awesome….

          • Ryan Sherr
            Ryan Sherr says:

            Great! While you’re viewing your overlays, click on the layer you wish to remove and use the “-” button (there is a – and + button below the overlays viewing box area). This will remove the selected overlay layer.

  2. James Preston
    James Preston says:

    I downloaded the first version of 3.8 and the overlay button is not showing up on the 2 deck screen. Saw that you had the 3.8 rc2 and downloaded that and still have the same issue.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi James — You must be using one of the older 2-deck skins then. Please be sure to select a 2-deck skin labeled with “3.8” from the drop down menu under the general tab in DEX 3.8’s options. Then, be sure you’re on the video tab on the 2-deck skin. You will see the new drop down to select your overlays, and the apply button next to it.

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