DJ Mixing Software | Demonstration Of DEX 3.8’s ‘Always-In-Sync’ Feature (Video)

The recently released 3.8 version of DEX 3 includes a revamped beat sync feature that keeps tracks locked in sync once sync is applied.  The new ‘Always-in-Sync‘ engine is demonstrated in the video above.

Always-in-Sync‘ means that once you have two tracks locked in step with sync you can focus on other aspects of your mix such as layering in effects, dropping in samples, or lining up your next track.

As shown in the video demonstration you can also safely needle drop, otherwise skip forwards and backwards throughout the playing track while mixing and the track will always drop in on-beat and in-sync. Track taking too long for the buildup you’re itching for? Drop in further along the track timeline and you won’t miss a beat.

The new ‘Always-in-Sync‘ feature is another demonstration of PCDJ’s commitment to making DEX 3 the most robust and feature-forward DJ mixing software for all types of DJs.  All of DEX 3’s code is developed in-house, with no third-party solutions included. That’s pretty serious stuff. Our passion for developing custom algorithms that help you become a better DJ never wavers! This is what we do. This is fun!

DEX was released two weeks ago. A free update for all existing DEX 3 users, you can download the update and see what else is new in the release notes on the DEX 3 support page.


Have questions about the beat sync feature and always-in-sync found in our DEX 3.8 DJ mixing software?  Please leave them in the comments section below!