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Different types of people that make song requests DJs

What type of people do you get song requests from when DJing a wedding?

Hitman Entertainment has clearly witnessed them all. They posted the following list of “The Different Types of People Who Request Songs from DJs” on a popular Facebook DJ user group and based on the comments, wedding event DJs clearly agree with Hitman Entertainment’s somewhat hilarious (and minus a little embellishment, largely true) take.

Do you agree with this list?  Have any other types to add?  Feel free to comment in the comments section at the bottom of this page!

The Different Types of People Who Request Songs from DJs

“Here’s a little midweek fun, courtesy of Hitman Entertainment.

After doing weddings literally every weekend for the past several months, I’m always blown away by the types of requests I get, and the people who request them. So I decided to make a list. Enjoy.

  1. The fibber: This is the one who comes up and insists that “THE BRIDE TOLD ME TO COME UP AND TELL YOU TO PLAY….”, when I can clearly see the bride is nowhere to be seen anywhere in the room.
  2. The flirty girl: This is the one who makes sure she pushes right up against you as she makes her request. Sorry, not impressed.
  3. The party killer: This is the one that, as you’re right in the middle of a great dance music set, comes up and asks me to play “Freebird”.
  4. The “everyone will dance to it” guy: He’s the one that says if you play this totally obscure song from the 80’s, I’ll have everyone out on the floor. Of course, if/when I actually play it, everyone clears the floor and he’s already made himself scarce.
  5. The “I’m leaving in 5 minutes” requester: She says she’s leaving in a few minutes and needs to hear her song NEXT! Naturally, I get another request from her two hours later.
  6. The “It’s my friend’s birthday” requester: And this is supposed to make me want to play her song, because of that?
  7. The guy that just “doesn’t get it”: Simply put, he’s the guy that requests George Jones’ “He Stopped Loving Her Today”…at a wedding.
  8. The rapper wannabe: Here’s the guy that, during dinner music hour (while we’re playing Sinatra, Bennett, Martin, etc.), tells me to play some Drake.
  9. The one who tells me to play a song called (pull any random lyric out of the song and make that title): And there’s me wondering what the hell they’re asking for as they look at me like I’m stupid.
  10. The “obscure memory” guy: He’ll tell you to play a completely obscure song that he and the groom once heard while they were getting drunk at a campout one summer back in 2003, and I’m supposed to have it and play it for 250 other guests, who clearly don’t share that same memory!
  11. The “interrupter”: This is the one that will come up and start talking to me as I’m clearly on the mic addressing the crowd. And yet she’s still going on and on telling me what I should be playing.
  12. The sarcastic a**: Here’s the one that comes up to me, while I have a full dance floor of guests having fun, and sternly asks me when I’m going to “play something good already?”

Yes, I could go on…and on…and on. Welcome to a glimpse into my world, everyone.”

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