DJ Controllers: Reloop Terminal Mix 8 And BeatMix 4 Now Supported

A few years ago at Musikmesse in Frankfurt Germany our PCDJ booth was a stones throw away from Reloop.   It was the first time I heard of the DJ hardware brand, but it was evident by their booth traffic and presentation that they were already gaining a big following in Europe.   They had a nice line of mixers and a couple DJ controllers.

Today Reloop may be one of the fastest rising DJ controller manufacturers, with some truly innovative designs.  Specifically, their Terminal Mix 8 has the feature set and quality build on par (or better) than some of the mainstay brands.   Our users should take a hard look at these two now DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 supported Reloop DJ controllers when considering new hardware.

Our two DJ software platforms, DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3, just received updates yesterday that include native maps for the Reloop BeatMix 2, BeatMix 4 and Terminal Mix 8.   This means they’re now plug and play: Zero-Configure.

About Reloop DJ Controllers:


Beatmix 4 offers an ergonomically designed 4-channel mixer layout, optimized for the club allowing you to work intuitively: Dedicated equalizer and gain dials, high-quality line-faders, an extremely smooth-running crossfader, 16 multi-colour drum pads, as well as two extensive FX units are the foundation for your creativity.


By introducing the Terminal Mix 4, Reloop has broken new ground once again with this fully integrated 4-channel mixer* offering a wealth of features, including 3-fold EQ with intelligent kill technique* and filter modulation capabilities per channel. Any of the 4 channels can be easily assigned to the crossfader via the controls on the front panel, where you will also be able to adjust the crossfader curve.