DJ Controllers | Reloop RMP-4 Is Now DEX 3 Supported

Reloop RMP-4 DJ controller is PCDJ supported

The Reloop RMP-4 DJ controller map for DEX 3 is now available for download.

Reloop RMP-4 DJ controller image 1

We’ve just finalized the first iteration of the Reloop DJ RMP-4 map for DEX 3. Users can download the map below for native, zero-configure support. Once the map is installed, simply plug in the RMP-4 and launch DEX 3 and you’re ready to jump into the mix. You can use up to 4 RMP-4 DJ controllers with DEX 3 simultaneously.

The Reloop RMP-4 DJ controller ($649.99 USD) is a Hybrid Media Player; Allowing DJs to Play Audio from MP3/CDs & USB-Drives and Control Software via MIDI — which is how the unit communicates with DEX 3. For DJs that still play those round plastic discs, or wish to play directly from a USB stick – this is a choice option. Navigate between playing a CD, from USB and of course controlling DEX 3, seamlessly.


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Reloop DJ Explains The RMP-4 In Detail:

Reloop’s RMP-4 has a clear layout and solid construction, which provides a reassuring and easy to use media player. A large dual-zone platter that includes vinyl mode, sits central to the unit providing instant contact with the chosen audio and is both responsive and accurate enough to happily perform all cueing and scratching tasks. Adjacent to this lies a high resolution 100mm pitch fader with 0.01 increments for perfect beat matching. Whilst the built in audio engine delivers accurate full frequency playback, even when using the onboard key-lock (no horrible artifacts here)!

The Reloop RMP-4 lets you browse your audio library from the internal CD player or from the USB 2.0 port in a simple and intuitive manner, thanks to dedicated push encoders and a large and easy to read display. This, combined with a comprehensive management menu, allows for individual settings that can be used to get the perfect display for any user.

Advanced Performance

Whilst the Reloop RMP-4 performs all the vanilla tasks required of a professional media player extremely well, it also has advanced performance features added to boot. Hot Cue’s, Hot Loops, Loop Rolls and Sampling are all included on this media player, with eight performance pads to hand for advanced performance. Further control is available to each mode, such as loop lengths, slip modes and quantizing, all allow for the user to concentrate on the performance rather than technical issues. A smart-link connection lets two units access a single USB port and run in perfect tempo-sync with each other. Advanced MIDI functionality also allows for the unit to control third party software (DEX 3), making this unit a fantastic and flexible option worthy of serious consideration for any booth or home DJ set-up.

Reloop RMP-4 DJ controller back

The Reloops RMP-4 main features include:

  • USB/CD Media Player
  • MP3, WAVE, AAC, AIFF playback
  • Four performance modes; Hot Cue, Hot Loop, Loop Roll & Sampler
  • Quantize function for cue’s and loops
  • Eight performance pads available
  • High-resolution key-lock
  • SLIP mode
  • Seven auto beat loop buttons (1/8 – 8/1 beats)
  • Automatic loading of meta data as cue points, hot loops etc.
  • Smart-Link Connection: two connected players can share USB source, control software and beat sync
  • Large DotMatrix VFD display
  • Large jog wheel with dual-zone, touch-sensitive control
  • Utility menu for advanced & customized settings
  • Navigation Encoder with Push function
  • Large, high-resolution 100 mm pitch fader
  • Micro Pitch adjustment (+/- 0,01%)
  • Database Manager software
  • High quality audio output
  • MIDI control and mappings available for popular DJ software
  • SHIFT-layer for secondary control
  • Vinyl brake effect
  • Pitch range select from 4-100%
  • Vinyl / CDJ mode for jog wheel
  • BPM counter (auto or manual available)
  • Advanced navigation controls
  • Reverse feature
  • Dedicated pitch bend buttons
  • Fader-start play