DJ Controllers | Reloop RMP-4 Hybrid Media Player Review (Video)

Reloop RMP-4 cover image

“If you’re a mobile DJ and you want a pro-feeling system you want to take on the road with you. If you were used to DJing back in the in the vinyl or CD days and that’s all you used to use and you want to get back into again, it’s going to feel completely normal to you.” – Phil Morse @

Support for Reloop DJs RMP-4 Hybrid table-top media player was recently added to DEX 3, allowing DJs to use up to 4 units to control all 4 of DEX 3’s players independently. As Phil Morse’s quote above suggests the RMP-4 is a bit of a throwback in comparison to the now-prominent all-in-one DJ controllers. It’s a hybrid, so you can still play those shiny circular discs – or directly off a thumb drive in addition to DJ software control.

Reloop RMP-4 DJ controller

PCDJ has many customers that began using one of our DJ software products in the late 90’s, many of whom were using vinyl previously. The benefits of digital ultimately swayed them, but some DJs missed the tactile control vinyl and turntables offered. The first midi controllers to hit street were a step-up, but still not quite the same. Many DJs started using timecode with Pioneer CDJ’s once they hit the market, which offered them much of what they missed when mixing with a pair of TT’s.

The RMP-4 is an excellent option for those old-school DJs. We also agree with Digital DJ Tips; the Reloop RMP-4 is a good fit for mobile DJs that wish to play various media types, from various sources. Take control over DEX 3 and manipulate the decks to mix audio or music videos. Play your new music downloads directly off of a USB flash drive, or god forbid if someone has a disc they just need you to play  – you can do that, too.

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