DJ Controllers | Reloop Mixtour Now Supported by DEX 3 DJ Software

Use the Reloop Mixtour DJ controller with DEX 3 DJ Software
Reloop Mixtour DJ Controller for DEX 3

The sleek and portable Reloop Mixtour DJ Controller is now supported by DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE mixing software (Download the MAP file below).

The Mixtour ($199 on most DJ equipment websites) is an ultra compact, two-channel DJ controller from Reloop DJ that looks more like a mixer at first glance than a controller. Portable enough to toss in your backpack, our team feels it would make for a great unit for ceremonies or as a backup to your main DJ rig. With that said, the Mixtour packs a lot of useful functionality for DJs with a well-laid-out ergonomic design.

Besides the clear ability to cross-fade tracks, whether you’re mix audio or music videos with DEX 3, you also have dedicated buttons for play, cue, sync, hot cues, loops, load (deck A/B), and headphone pre-fade listening (cuing). Also included are knobs to control gain, low, mid, and high EQ, as well as dedicated knobs for filter (fx) control and track selection that all have a nice, solid feel to them with tension. The Reloop Mixtour includes all the basic controls a DJ requires to perform, albeit minus some of the more advanced features found on more expensive controllers.

Reloop Mixtour DJ Controller for DEX 3 2

Our teams take is that the Reloop Mixtour is a well constructed, solid little DJ controller that packs a punch at an entry level price. One of our staffers plans to utilize it for wedding ceremonies and even some smaller, less demanding events. Download the MAP file below and follow the installation instructions and you’ll have plug-and-play support with DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE!


Reloop Mixtour Key Features

  • Ultra-portable, yet sturdy all-in-one DJ controller with audio interface
  • Powerful, color-coded, rubberized trigger section for transport & cue mode per deck
  • Dedicated bi-polar LPF/HPF sound filter control
  • Integrated, low-latency 4-channel audio interface
  • Sturdy & flat built with 45-mm PRO faders
  • Gain + 3-band EQ per channel
  • Large Navigation Encoder with load buttons
  • MIDI-compatible with DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE
  • Set, access and delete 8 hot cue points on 2 decks
  • Play, cue, sync and auto loop controls (double / half)
  • TAB, QUEUE and back controls
  • Cue controls with preview feature
  • Signal-meter LED chain selectable for master & PFL
  • Cue volume and cue mix knobs
  • Search mode for fast searching within tracks
  • Kensington Lock port
  • Turntable spindle cavity for easy positioning on turntables


Have questions about using the Reloop Mixtour DJ Controller with our DEX 3 DJ Software? Please leave them in the comments section below!