DJ Controllers | Numark Party Mix Live and Numark Party Mix II now DEX 3 Supported

DEX 3 supported: Numark Party Mix Live and Numark Party Mix II

The extensive list of DJ controllers supported by our Top DJ Software has grown by two. 

DEX 3.17.1 (and above) includes support for two additional DJ controllers; the Numark Party Mix Live and Numark Party Mix II. The map files are included with installation of the latest DEX 3 update which means the controllers are already plug-and-play.

Here’s a quick look at what each freshly supported DJ controller offers DEX 3 DJs.

Numark Party Mix Live ($179 at most online retailers)

Numark Party Mix Live

The Numark Party Mix Live is packed with all the core features DJs need, whether you’re new to DJing or longtime pro. Built-in speakers fill the room with dynamic sound and integrated LED lights create a beat-synchronized light show. Four performance pads on each deck allow quick access to effects, cue points, loops or samples. Play, Cue and Sync buttons provide complete playback control and access to automatic tempo matching between tracks on each deck for perfectly aligned mixes. Large, touch-sensitive jog wheels allow you to pause, backspin and even scratch tracks as you work through your playlist. An outer jog-wheel functions as pitch-bend so you can nudge tracks into alignment for the perfect blend.

Numark Party Mix II ($129 at most online retailers)

Based on the original Party Mix Controller, the Numark Party Mix II DJ Controller is packed with all the DJ performance essentials and a built in ‘light show’. The essential DJ controller features include large touch-sensitive jog wheels for scratching, large Filter effect knobs on each deck, Sync, play/pause and Cue buttons, pitch sliders for tempo adjustments, performance pads with various modes, library controls for scrolling and loading tracks, 2-band EQ on each deck, and for output a 1/8″ headphone jack and 1/8″ main output jack. The light show is projected by three multi-colored LEDs with wide-coverage lenses for a room-filling, beat-synchronized light show. With five lighting modes to choose from, finding the right vibe for your party is a snap.

Output Configuration for DEX 3: Go into options and under the “Audio Routing” tab apply this configuration:

  • From Select Audio Device, Select the Numark WASAPI Option (you can also use asio4all as an alternative – use the same directions below for channel configuration).
  • Deck A through D: 1+2
  • Headphones 3+4
  • All other options can be set to none/no audio (including additional headphone/preview device).
  • Do NOT put a tick in the box for external mixer mode.
  • That will provide the proper audio routing for headphone pre-fade listening (cue)

Have questions about the Numark Party Mix II or Numark Party Mix Live and how they work with our Top DJ software? Please leave them in the comments section below!