DJ Controllers | Numark Mixtrack Pro FX and Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX now DEX 3 Supported

Numark DJ Controllers and DEX 3 DJ Software

DJs now have two additional DJ controllers they can use with our Best DJ Software.

We’ve just wrapped up DEX 3 support for two Numark DJ Controllers — the The Mixtrack Pro FX and Mixtrack Platinum FX. Download the map files below.

By downloading and placing the map files (below) in the DJ Controller controllers folder, DEX 3 DJs will have plug-and-play support for the Mixtrack Pro FX and/or the Mixtrack Platinum FX.  With well over 100 DJ controllers supported, DEX 3 DJs have a wide array of selections no matter what type of DJing they do.

Numark Mixtrack Pro FX

Numark Mixtrack Pro FX

The Numark Mixtrack Pro FX is a DJ controller designed to inspire, develop and hone your DJ skills. It has everything you need as a professional from the get-go: large 6-inch jog wheels, a 24-bit digital audio interface for pristine sound quality, six dedicated software effects buttons for easy transitions, 16 performance pads for hot cues, auto loop, fader cuts and sampling. A great and affordable option for DJs playing smaller events, bar gigs, or house parties with DEX 3.

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

The Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX has all the essentials you need to sound like a professional DJ. At its core, Mixtrack Platinum FX is a 24-bit 4-deck digital DJ controller with a dedicated software effects section, large 6-inch capacitive-touch jog wheels with built in hi-res displays and 16-multifunctional performance pads. Ready to take on any DJ style and perfect for small events, weddings, and parties, the Mixtrack Platinum FX fuses in-demand functionality with all the tools to craft your signature style. The Platinum FX is a nice step up from the Pro FX, and should appeal to DEX 3 DJs of all types – whether mixing and blending in the club or mashing up a few tunes at a wedding reception.

As always, Numark doesn’t disappoint with the Mixtrack Pro & Plantinum FX units. With controllers in every class and their continued effort to bring affordable controllers packed with pro-level features to the masses, it’s no wonder their brand continues to be a top choice for Pro DJ’s and hobbyists alike. Enjoy using the Numark Mixtrack Pro FX and Mixtrack Platinum FX with DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE!


  • For DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE Versions 3.14 and Above: Open up DEX 3 and go into options. Under the General Tab in option click the “Data Folder” button to open up the PCDJ-DEX3 folder. Close DEX 3. Unzip the Js map file and place it in the Controllers folder within the PCDJ-DEX3 data folder. Start DEX 3 with the DJ Controller connected and it will be picked up by DEX 3.

After installation, go into DEX 3 RE/DEX 3’s options and under the “Audio Routing” tab apply this configuration:

  • From Select Audio Device, Select the Numark WASAPI Option (you can also use asio4all as an alternative – use the same directions below for channel configuration).
  • Deck A through D: 1+2
  • Headphones 3+4
  • All other options can be set to none/no audio (including additional headphone/preview device).
  • Do NOT put a tick in the box for external mixer mode.
  • That will provide the proper audio routing for headphone pre-fade listening (cue)

Have questions about the Numark Mixtrack Pro FX or Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX and how they work with our Best DJ software? Please leave them in the comments section below!