DJ Controllers For Beginners Using DEX 3 RE

Beginner DJ controllers that work with DEX 3 RE DJ software

DEX 3 RE, the $79 Red Edition of our DEX 3 DJ software lineup, is easy-to-use and popular among new Digital DJs. Sure, you can mix with DEX 3 RE using just a keyboard and mouse but let’s be honest — where’s the fun in that?  More importantly, how will you get better at DJing if you’re not at least attempting to mix like one…

If you really want to learn the art of Digital DJing and understand more advanced techniques such as beat-mixing, triggering loops and samples, finger drumming, layering in effects and scratching you will want to use a DJ controller.

Thankfully DEX 3 RE mixing software users have over 90 DJ controllers from the best brands in the business to select from. There are controller options for DJs of all levels of experience — from DJ equipment providers such as Numark, Pioneer, Denon DJ, Hercules DJ, Gemini DJ and Reloop DJ.

Today we’ll focus on a few of the more recent and/or popular DJ controllers for beginners that work with DEX 3 RE.  All of the DJ controllers listed below are “zero-configure” with DEX 3 RE. That means you simply install the drivers (if applicable) that ship with the controller, make sure the controller is plugged into your computer and on, launch DEX 3 and you’re in the mix.

DJ Controllers For Beginners Using DEX 3 RE

Denon MC-4000 (Listed At $399 On Most Websites)

Denon MC4000 controller top

“A peerless combination of features and build quality for professionals.” – Denon DJ

The MC4000 is a 2-deck controller designed for professional entertainers. DEX 3 RE DJs looking for a smaller form-factor DJ controller that’s still road-worthy due to it’s robust steel chassis the MC4000 is an ideal fit. It’s one of the higher quality (with a higher price) controllers in this list that can still be considered beginner-friendly.

Gemini G2V (Listed At $279 On Most Websites)

Gemini G2V DJ controller angled

The Gemini G2V is a 2-channel beginner DJ controller with the construction and feel of more expensive controllers on the market. The G2V’s steel chassis and large, touch-sensitive mechanical platters are not typically found on DJ controllers — throw in the built in audio interface and you would be hard-pressed to find a better equipped option under $300.

Hercules DJControl Jogvision (Listed At $249 On Most Websites)

Hercules DJControl JogVision Angled

The DJControl JogVision from Hercules DJ is the manufacturer’s most advanced DJ controller to date. At only $249, it’s still considered an entry-level DJ controller even though it packs a bunch of nifty features in a relatively small package. The DJControl JogVision combines Hercules’ quality audio interface support with a modern, advanced control surface complete with digital displays at the center of each platter.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 (Listed At $249 On Most Websites)

Numark MixTrack Pro 3

A feature-rich DJ controller for only $249, it’s easy to see why the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 was one of the top-selling DJ controllers of 2016. The Mixtrack Pro 3 is the third and most recent iteration of Numark’s very popular Mixtrack Pro DJ controllers.  It’s also clearly the best designed; we especially like the layout and spacing on the new model. With a built in audio-interface (unlike the MixTrack 3, which isn’t equipped with one) and controls that mirror higher-end units it’s another beginner controller that meshes well with DEX 3 RE’s feature-set.

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 (Listed For $249 On Most Websites)

Pioneer DDJ-SB2 front angle

The Pioneer DDJ-SB2 was top dog in 2016, outselling all other DJ controllers (not only budget friendly controllers). Hitting the decks has never been easier and more intuitive for first-time DJs. While setup nicely for DEX 3 RE’s 2-deck mixing features, the DDJ-SB2 can also support 4-deck mixing, making it a controller that can grow with you if you decide to step up to the full version of DEX 3 later. With a high-quality 2-channel built in audio interface and Pioneers legendary quality it’s a great beginner DJ controller for new DEX 3 RE users.

Pioneer DDJ-RB (Listed For $249 On Most Websites)

Pioneer DDJ-RB Angled

The 2-deck Pioneer DDJ-RB has a similar design to the DDJ-SB2, and is priced the same at $247. While inexpensive and designed for the beginner DJ, the DDJ-RB doesn’t skimp on features for a portable controller. You have all the controls required for basic mixing with DEX 3 RE making it a nice fit for mobile and bedroom DJs. Like all other DJ controllers in this list it also comes with a built in 2 channel sound card so you have pre-fade listening.



Have questions about beginner DJ controllers you can use with DEX 3 RE DJ mixing software? Please leave them in the comments section below!


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      Do you mean an internal hard drive built into the DJ controller for file storage? Not that I know of. There are a couple all-in-one DJ controllers (That don’t require DJ software) on the market that have internal storage, but not any of the controllers listed that we support. They all connect to the computer via USB, however.

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