DJ Controllers | Download Updated Pioneer DDJ-SX3 Map

Pioneer DDJ-SX3 map for DEX 3 DJ Software

The Pioneer DDJ-SX3 has rapidly become one of the more popular DJ controllers among DEX 3 customers — and based on field testing and community feedback we’ve made a few tweaks to the Map (download below).

We’ve put the kibosh to a couple of bugs related to the VU meters and cue features. We’ve also fine-tuned other controls to be more responsive so you have the best possible performance when using the DDJ-SX3 with DEX 3.

If you’re a DJ that also hosts karaoke with DEX 3, the DDJ-SX3 is one of the best DJ controllers available. Unlike the vast majority of controllers on the market, the DDJ-SX3 is equipped with three microphone inputs, a ‘need’ for karaoke hosts.

By downloading (and installing) the updated Pioneer DDJ-SX3 map below you’ll receive improved support so you can mix music, video, or host karaoke with precision and superior stability.

PIONEER DJ DDJ-SX3 INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:  Unzip the Map (js file only!) To:   C:(drive) -> Program Files -> PCDJ -> DEX3 -> CONTROLLERS (replacing the existing script in the same folder)