DJ Controllers | Download The DEX 3 Map For The Gemini Slate 4

Gemini Slate 4 Map Download For PCDJ

The Gemini Slate 4 DJ Controller Map for DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE is now available for download.

Our controller mapping guru’s have finalized the script for Gemini’s Slate 4 DJ controller. Download the Gemini Slate 4 Map below to receive plug-and-play support in DEX 3 and/or DEX 3 RE.

Gemini Slate 4 DJ Controller mixer section

The Gemini Slate 4 is a slim, 4-channel all-in-one beginner DJ controller with a baked in multi-channel audio interface. Due to the 4-channel design it lends it self perfectly to 4-deck mixing in DEX 3 (pro edition). Typically DJs pay a premium for 4-deck controllers but the Slate 4 is surprisingly affordable with most online DJ equipment retailers listing it at $200 (USD) or less. Although the Slate 4 is listed by Gemini as an entry-level controller it provides all the featured required for basic and more advanced mixing for an entry-level price.

For new Digital DJs or those that wish to get their feet wet with ‘controllerism‘ and 4-deck mixing pairing the Gemini Slate 4 with DEX 3 is the perfect mix.


Gemini Slate 4 DJ Controller Overview

Thin, light and loaded with features, the Gemini SLATE 4: 4-channel DJ controller is fully pre-mapped for immediate use with supported DJ software. We all have to start somewhere, DJs included, and the SLATE 4 controller paired with supported DJ software (such as DEX 3 or DEX 3 RE) make a great combination for an introduction into mixing and matching beats.

SLATE’ size makes it an instant match with today’ thin and light laptops, making it extremely easy to travel with. There are two full-featured decks, four channels of mixing, two rows of RGB backlit trigger pads, a pitch fader, key-lock function, and advanced effects control giving you all the tools necessary to hone your craft.

Thin and Light
RGB backlit pads, newly designed capacitive jog wheel, and a familiar layout designed to feel comfortable for all DJ’ from beginner to professional. The perfect companion for todays thin computers you can easily travel almost anywhere with the thin (25mm) and light SLATE.

Two Good to Be True
Two full-featured decks, Four channels of mixing, two rows of pads, and multiple colors all in a thin but strong enclosure make the SLATE 4 a dynamic and reliable controller portable enough for the most outrageous environments.

All Inclusive
The SLATE 4′ DJ tools including pitch fader, key-lock, and advanced effect controls give you instinctive control. With 8 multi-color pads per deck to control hot cues, sampler, and on the fly auto loops all color-coded for ease of use. The full 4-channel mixer gives you constant access to the EQ, and dedicated Filter controls. Master RCA outputs, headphone, and microphone inputs give you all that you could need in when it comes to I/Os.

Immediate Results
The pre-mapped FX controls bring immediate results upon first use, while the fully MIDI mappable and high-resolution controls give the SLATE the ability to easily be adapted for use with any of your favorite DJ applications.



  • USB/MIDI software controller with built-in professional 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface
  • 4-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, and dedicated Filter control on each channel
  • Pre-mapped FX controls
  • 8 multi-function RGB pads per deck
  • High Resolution touch-sensitive jog wheels
  • Responsive controls with high-resolution 14-bit MIDI
  • Midi mapping functionality over the entire controller
  • 1/4 microphone input with Gain control
  • RCA master outputs and 1/8 headphone output


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