Updated Denon DN-HC4500 Scripts For DEX 3 And RED Mobile 3

The Denon DN-HC4500 is still one of the most popular DJ controllers for Mobile DJs using one of our DJ programs, and based on customer requests we’ve created new scripts with one fundamental change to how DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 work with the touch-sensitive platter.

The DN-HC4500 is one of the last DJ controllers you can still purchase that is standard 19″ rack-mountable and doesn’t combine a built-in DJ mixer.  For DJs using mobile rack rigs and want to use a physical mixer of their selection its still a fantastic choice.    The integrated audio card is high-quality, and it’s longevity in the field (launched 2007) means it’s field proven and dependable.

There are two editions of the DN-HC4500 regarding the touch-sensitive platters; Earlier DN-HC4500 units had 1500 ticks per revolution, and newer units have 3000 — we include scripts for both models in the zip file below (Note: It’s OK to unzip both files into the DJ Controllers folder).

The biggest change is that while in the “scratch jog mode” the platters now work much like vinyl.  When you press/hold the platter the music will stop at that point, and when you let go it releases back into playing the song immediately.   There are various general optimizations included as well.  (Use an HC4500 with DEX 3?  Check Out This DEX 3 DN-HC4500 Skin)


IMPORTANT NOTE: Unzip DJ Controller Script Files To Controllers Folder In the DEX Program Folder/App Folder Replacing The Old Script (overwrite) -> Do Not Unzip To Controllers Folder In Documents. These scripts will also be included in our upcoming 3.4 update for DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3.