DJ Controllers | Updated Map And User Guide For Denon MC6000 MK2

The recently released DEX 3 mixing software MAP for the Denon DN-MC6000 MK2 DJ controller has already become one of the most popular with PCDJ users.

DJ Vargas, a PCDJ aficionado and DEX 3 skin designer has worked with our development team to create one of the most in-depth, layered and powerful controller MAP’s out of all currently supported DJ controllers.  From controlling all audio mixing features, effects and video features including cross-fade control (can now be used separately from audio fader) they’ve done an excellent job of putting all the buttons, faders and knobs on the Denon DN-MC6000 MK2 to work.

For Mobile DJs seeking an all-in-one DJ controller for DEX 3 that can easily be rackmounted in a traditional 19″ rig and doesn’t skimp on quality, the Denon DN-MC6000 MK2 is an excellent and PCDJ approved option.  Here’s how summarized their review:

Aimed more at the working / mobile DJ than the controllerist, it is highly portable, highly versatile and extremely well built. The addition of a standalone four-channel mixer and two decent mic channels will be the clincher for many. A solid, traditional hybrid controller.

Here’s what’s changed from the previously released Denon DN-MC6000 MK2 Map:

With SHIFT Button:

  • Reverse now shares Play/Pause button
  • Break now shares Cue button
  • Match now shares sync button
  • Pitch Reset now shares KeyLock button
  • NEW Denon DN-MC6000 MK2 Mapping Guide (download below)

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Unzip the Map (js file) To:   C: (Windows) or App Folder for DEX 3 (MAC) – Program Files (x86) -> PCDJ -> DEX3 -> CONTROLLERS.  REPLACE THE EXISTING MC6000 MKII SCRIPT WITH THE NEW ONE!