Denon DN-MC6000 MKII Mapping File For DEX 3

The original Denon DN-MC6000 has long been a very popular DJ controller with DEX 3 users (myself included), especially mobile DJs due to it’s fairly compact size, 19″ rackmount support and easy navigation.   The newer Denon DN-MC6000 MKII version improves on many features and overall performance, and is likely the DJ controller we’ve receive the most requests to support over the last few months.

We’ve just finalized the first edition downloadable Denon DN-MC6000 MKII Mapping File (Script) for DEX 3 and we can confirm — The MC6000 MKII is a perfect dancing partner option for DEX 3.

More on the Denon DN-MC6000 MKII DJ Controller:

The MC6000Mk2 is Denon DJ’s next generation, flagship professional DJ controller and digital mixer. Created to be the definitive tool for the most discerning of contemporary club and mobile DJ’s, the slimline, table-top steel chassis unit blends a 4 channel/8 source real-time matrix operational digital mixer with an uncompromising 24-bit, class leading digital and analog audio interface. 

The MC6000Mk2 enables 4-deck functionality (supported in DEX 3), opening up the creative possibilities of 4 deck mixing to all, with the unit’s top panel placing the all important transport, pitch, EQ, loop, hot-cue/sample, navigation and FX controls ergonomically positioned to ensure optimal, error free live performance. DJ’s mixing music videos will enjoy using the MC6000 MKII with DEX 3 as you can toggle video crossfader control with the X-F-LINK button (be sure to have the link button in DEX 3 OFF for this toggle to work).

MC6000 MK2 for Karaoke

This is a brand spanking new mapping file for DEX 3, so we’d appreciate your feedback — please leave any comments or suggestions in the comment section below.  And stay tuned, we’ll likely release new iterations of the MC6000 MKII mapping file as we continue to dig deeper into layered functions to make the most powerful map possible!


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Unzip the Map (js file) To:   C: (Windows) or App Folder for DEX 3 (MAC) – Program Files (x86) -> PCDJ -> DEX3 -> CONTROLLERS.  REPLACE THE EXISTING MC6000 MKII SCRIPT WITH THE NEW ONE!