DJ Controller Options For Beginners Using PCDJ DJ Software

DJ controllers provide hands-on tactile control over DJ software, negating the need to use a mouse or keyboard to mix with.

PCDJ DEX 3 and RED Mobile 2 (and upcoming 3 release) support close to 80 DJ controller, with new DJ controller support being added regularly.   The top DJ equipment manufactures such as Numark, Pioneer DJ, Reloop and Hercules DJ release new controllers at breakneck speeds, admittedly it can be difficult to keep up.   Thankfully the manufacturers willingly send us new DJ controllers to create custom in-depth maps for our two DJ software models.

There are many benefits to using a DJ controller.  If you scratch, they’re a must as they typically offer large platters that simulate vinyl, allowing you to manipulate the platter (or Jog Wheel)  much like you would a vinyl record on a turntable.  Many of the latest controller models are all-in-one’s; One device that includes all the controller options with a DJ mixer – all connected to your DJ Computer with one USB cable.   All your pitch faders, knobs, effects controls etc are at your fingertips, allowing quick navigation while mixing.   Another major benefit is the usual inclusion of a build in Audio I/O card (sound card), so you not only have headphone pre-fade listening but high-quality professional audio drivers (ASIO for Windows, Core Audio support for MAC)

If you’re new to Digital DJing and you’re not sure what DJ controllers would be great to get started with, here’s a few options that we feel offer all the required features a pro DJ needs, but at the same time are easy to get up and mixing with right away.   Think “Censna vs 747”    We’ll update this list as new DJ controllers get supported.

DJ Controller Options for Beginner DJs Using PCDJ DEX 3 or RED Mobile 2 (for a complete list of Supported DJ controllers CLICK HERE)


American Audio MXR19

The MXR19 is one of the few 19″ rackmountable DJ controllers on the market. All the basic required DJ controls are included, like play, pause, hot cues, crossfading and sync.  It’s also a 4 channel mixer with a good quality built-in audio card. Great option for Mobile DJs looking for the basics.  Price $299

American Audio VMS2

For the price, the VMS2 Velocity MIDI Station DJ Controller offers a robust feature set, and arguably more value than any product in its price range.  Includes a built in audio card, large “scratch” platters and support for 2 analog inputs.  A decent entry level 2 channel DJ controller and a great fit for RED Mobile 2 customers.  Price $249 

Hercules DJ 4-MX

Featuring a built-in audio interface, 2 large, touch-sensitive jog wheels, and 4 virtual decks, the DJ Console 4-Mx DJ controller provides wide variety of high-performance controls. This includes 89 controls in 2-deck mode and 150 controls in 4-deck mode. Price $355

Hercules DJ RMX2

Another simple DJ controller that’s built well, it’s best suited for DJ sets here effects, loops, cues and samples are used minimally.  The DJ Console RMX2 is a 2-deck DJ controller with a host of features for easy mixing. The dual pressure-sensitive jog wheels are a nice bonus, and as usual the Hercules Audio I/O card built in is top quality, with 24bit support. Price $299 

Numark MixTrack Pro II

One of the best values out there, it  features 16 backlit rubber drum pads, a complete mixer section, a slimline design, and dedicated music library navigation controls. It also features Pitch and Sync controls onboard for seamless mixing and 16 dedicated effects controls to help you better manipulate tracks. Also includes built in audio card. Price $249 

Numark N4

Easily control and simultaneously play up to 4 virtual decks, so a good option for DEX 3’s 4-deck control. The N4’s full set of tactile controls allow for easy cue point programming, looping, title searching, EQ / effects control. The N4 is also a full-on DJ mixer with 2 phono/line switchable inputs, 2 microphone inputs, unbalanced booth and master outputs, and an XLR balanced master output. Price $299 

Numark MixDeck Express

A simple yet full-featured DJ controller with build in audio interface,  unlike other DJ controllers it also has two built-in CD decks that let you perform using CDs or MP3 CDs.  In addition, you can use USB Flash drives and all of it gets mixed in the same place thanks to the Mixdeck Express’ integrated 3-channel mixer.  Price $499 

Pioneer DDJ-SR

This one is a bit more pricey, but the DDJ-SR is truly a pro-grade plug-and-play USB DJ controller with Audio Card that costs a whole lot less than you’d typically expect for Pioneer DJ gear. Controlling 2 decks instead of 4, the streamlined DDJ-SR is essentially a more affordable, more compact version of Pioneer’s DDJ-SX controller. I love this controller.  Price $599