DJ Controller Options For Advanced PCDJ DJ Software Users

Yesterday we posted an article regarding DJ Controller Options For Beginners Using PCDJ DJ Software .  Today we’ll focus on some higher-end solutions for professional DJs using our DJ mixing software that require a more robust and advanced feature set.

The top DJ controller manufacturers, including Numark, Pioneer DJ, and Denon DJ all have entry level, mid-range and high-end flagship models to choose from.   When you know you’re mixing requirements you can settle on the tier that best suites your needs.   For instance, if you use DEX 3 and want to utilize all 4 decks when mixing, a 4 channel controller would be best.    If you rely heavily on triggering hot cues, loops and effects when you mix – this list of DJ controllers will facilitate and in some cases exceed those requirements.  All DJ controllers in this list come equipped with ASIO and Core Audio supported Audio I/O cards built in – so an additional audio device isn’t required for pre-fade listening.

All listed controllers were designed for performance DJs, and while some Mobile DJs will see the value in all the bells and whistles included with the higher end models for club DJs these controller are the ideal fit.

DJ Controller Options for advanced DJs Using PCDJ DEX 3 or RED Mobile 2 (for a complete list of Supported DJ controllers CLICK HERE)

Denon DN-MC6000

A favorite among many of our users, the MC6000 has been on the market a few years now and is field proven.  The DN-MC6000 Mixer and MIDI Controller is a 4-channel/eight-source standalone digital DJ mixer with MIDI interface and internal sound card. With an astounding amount of features, realtime channel matrix operation, slim tabletop design, state-of-the-art solid steel chassis construction and quality sound, the DN-MC6000 is one of Denon DJ’s flagship controllers.  Price $499 

Numark NS6

NS6 is a 4-channel Digital DJ controller with a complete, built-in mixer and four decks of software control. A true DJ controller and standalone 4-channel mixer with effects, the NS6 gives you tons of versatility and control for professional DJs.  With 3600 ticks per revolution of the platters and automatic sensitivity adjustment, the NS6 is a great DJ controller for scratching.   Price $599 

Numark Mixdeck Quad

The Mixdeck Quad – Universal 4-Channel DJ Station plays various formats in addition to control for DEX 3 or RED Mobile 2. It includes a 4-channel crossfading mixer, dual CD scratch decks, and an iPad dock all built into one unit. For DJs that haven’t quite moved on from using CD’s now and again in their sets, or want to cue up the odd track from their iPad, the Mixdeck Quad is an ideal choice.  Price $749.99 

Pioneer DDJ-SX

One of my personal favorites and currently taking up a large part of my work desk space, the DDJ-SX is one of the most feature packed and well designed DJ controllers on the market that PCDJ DEX 3 natively supports. Pioneer’s DDJ-SX DJ has larger jog wheels for precise mixing and scratching, multiple inputs for expand-ability, and 4-channel mixing flexibility.  The large performance pads (triggering hot cues and loops) are fantastic and responsive. The aluminum finish keeps the aesthetics sharp.  Price $899 

 We’ll update this post soon as we’re working on support for a few new controllers now, including wrapping up the Numark NS7FX shortly!